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28th May. For the coming month, our Tamworth hypnotherapy service will be seeing our Nuneaton hypnosis clients.

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From our Nuneaton hypnotherapy branch

Most of the clients who come to us for hypnosis do so because they want to be sure they are seeing a qualified hypnotherapist. There is also our long-term support, which most independent hypnotists can’t provide. We have a dedicated helpline for this service. But June came for yet another reason.

In fairness, she rang us because she was looking or a Nuneaton hypnotist and we have a branch there. But something came out of the preliminary discussion that made up her mind. June had tried all the usual stop-smoking methods. She had been using an electric cigarette, and before that had tried a range of NRPs. Nothing had helped for long. In our analysis, we could see why not, but there was an extra factor. We asked June if she liked tomatoes. She found this a strange question, but she said yes, she loved them.

So we advised her, before she came to our Nuneaton hypnotherapist, to stop eating tomatoes. Naturally she wanted to know why. We explained this, but more importantly we told her that this could have been a major factor in her previous failures. (The explanation can be found in one of the videos on this website.) June panicked at first, because she thought she would never be able to eat tomato again, but we explained that it was just for a few days. 

Once she had seen our Nuneaton hypnotherapist, she would just need to avoid tomatoes for a few more days. Once there was no more nicotine in her body, she could eat them again. The point of the story is that this was new information to her. But it shouldn’t have been. Her GP had been happy to give her NRPs, but had not given her this important information. In fairness, it is unlikely he knew about it. 

In the end this was the reason June came to see our Nuneaton hypnotist. For the first time, she was being given information that was going to make all the difference. The NHS service was free, but our information alone, she said, was worth paying for.


Sometimes, people come to us not to stop smoking but for smoking reduction. It’s a choice they make. We publish a book on reduction. It’s called, No, You Don’t Have to Stop Smoking. You might be interested to read some of it before you visit our Nuneaton hypnosis branch. Here is a taster.

….. There are two occasions in your life when you will be told categorically that you have to stop smoking. One, if you are a woman, is in pregnancy. The other is when you are suffering disease caused by smoking or you have some other medical imperative such as surgery for which you need a general anaesthetic.

As Research Director of The National Smoking Cessation institute I can only go along completely with this. No woman should smoke in pregnancy, and no-one should smoke when they have, say, cancer caused by smoking. This is self evident and irrefutable. The not smoking in pregnancy is the big one, because killing yourself is one thing but harming your unborn child is quite another.

However, from where I sit, I see a significant proportion of women smoking through pregnancy and I see an even more significant proportion of sick people continuing to smoke, even when their disease has been caused by smoking. So I must come back to the purpose of this book, which is to accept the facts on the ground. In the ideal world no-one would ever smoke. In the ideal world tobacco would not even be grown, processed into cigarettes and sold. However, you may have noticed that we do not live in the ideal world, and what I want to address here, at the slight risk of arousing the ire of medical people, is just how acceptable it might be to smoke in these situations where it is normally considered to be unacceptable, and what can be done to made it less bad than it would otherwise be.


Nuneaton hypnosis might not be what you’re looking for. If it isn’t, and you want to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS Quit for Good website here.

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