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If you haven’t had therapy before for stopping smoking, our starting point is usually hypnotherapy. This is because almost everyone is suitable for it, but also because most people know someone who stopped smoking with hypnotherapy. If you do, you are likely to come into the therapy feeling very positive.

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Our fees vary around the country, so to find the cost at your local branch click here. At most of our branches we provide a single session, because is enough for most clients, although we will have you back for a second session, at no extra cost, if you need more help. (This is limited to the first three months).

At some of our branches we book you in for a second session regardless, and how your local branch works can be seen on our Branchfinder.


Everyone who smokes regularly is addicted to nicotine. This in turn creates what is properly called psychological dependence. This means that although you know smoking makes no sense you cling to the belief that you need it. With physical therapy, we deal with the addiction, but with hypnotherapy we change the subconscious belief that keeps you smoking.

The session itself lasts typically ninety minutes (your local NSSC Partner will let you know how long they need you for). In that time they will induce a light trance state in which they can ‘re-programme’ the wrong beliefs you have. When you come out of that state, the way you feel about smoking has changed.

For most clients this means leaving the branch feeling like you used to smoke but couldn’t imagine doing so now. However, do bear in mind that everyone is different. Stopping smoking is not an event, it is a process. You may need to speak with our AfterCare team, and you may need a follow-up session, before complete success.




As we say above, we cannot predict how you will respond to hypnotherapy. We may need to give you more help. In all cases, we do this by telephone first, because very often we can resolve issues this way. If we conclude that you need a follow-up session, this is included in the fee you pay (within the first three months).

It’s called NSSC AfterCare, and it’s a free service for three years.




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