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The National Health Service provides drug products because they are cheaper.

We provide therapy because it works better.

Cheap or effective – it’s your choice.

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Back in 1991 we launched the treatment that is now known as Addiction Management, for smokers. This was very successful, but it’s not what everyone needs. We found we were regularly asked how smokers could find qualified hypnotherapists and acupuncturists, and we didn’t know. So what we did was invite them to work with us, to ensure that clients would get someone they could trust. To this we added the support that is now an important part of what we do, which means we work as a team with our Partner therapists. We find this approach works really well, for the client and for us too.

Over the years we have developed a network of Partners throughout the country, so that wherever you live you can be fairly sure there will be an NSSC hypnotherapist or acupuncturist near you.

We are now a part of The Doctor Richard Mackarness Foundation. The Foundation provides Addiction Management, the treatment we use, but for alcohol and other addictive substances. You can read about the Foundation here: