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As we re-open our branches post-Covid, we have decided not to use facebook at present. Instead, we have transferred some of the clients’ reviews from social media, from over the years, directly onto this page.



“A lovely lady hypnotherapist and an excellent session. I came out with a lot of confidence and I haven’t smoked now for almost two months. Would recommend.” William, Rochdale, 2006

“Not as easy as I hoped it would be, but a lot of that is because I have a smoking partner who hasn’t supported me in this. I’ve done it though, despite her, so thanks for all your help.” Barry, Prestwich, 2008

“I’d had hypnotherapy before (not for smoking), so I came into the session knowing what to expect. It was different from last time, which I should have expected, but equally successful. Very grateful to your organisation for all the support.” Jo, Croydon, 2010

“I don’t know what she did but it worked. I still think about smoking occasionally, but the thought just goes without me even having to work at it.” Craig, Glasgow, 2012

“I stopped for six weeks. It was easy, but then I smoked again in a stressful situation. Your support and the follow-up hypnotherapy session got me back on track, thank you.” Rosamund, London SE15, 2014

“I should have done this years ago!” Carol, Hove, 2016

“Great therapist, excellent support, fair price, recommend!” Bruce, Dunfermline, 2018

“I’d switched from cigarettes to vaping, but I was doing that more than I used to smoke. I didn’t realise hypnosis would work for vaping, but it did, first time.” Dean, Southport 2020



“The Cambridge Method is the one that worked for me. It took all the fear out of stopping. I would recommend it for anyone who doesn’t believe they can stop smoking.” Julia, Reading, 1994

“Very impressed. It does exactly what you say. Thank you.” Gerald, Milton Keynes, 1996

“After several failed attempts, this scheme was ideal for me. It took all the stress out of stopping. I really appreciated you giving me the tools to do it in my own time. Some people might prefer, say, hypnotherapy, but I recommend this for anyone with a history of failure like me.”  Graham, Skelmersdale, 1997

“I had planned to take your advice and stop gradually, but in fact I found it so easy not to smoke with the microsmoking drops that I never smoked again after the first day.” Mary, Brighton, 1998

“Friends advised me not to do The Cambridge Method, because they believe the myth that you either smoke or you don’t. I’m glad I didn’t listen to them, because stopping gradually worked for me.” Donald, Glasgow, 1999

“I wasn’t sure about the drops, because I thought if they work then surely my doctor would know about them, which he didn’t. They do though. The NHS should offer this method. I think it would help a lot of people who have tried everything else.” Julie, Manchester, 2000

“Stopping gradually is a brilliant idea. It contradicts everything my smoking cessation nurse in the NHS told me, and I was really glad to be able to go back and tell her it worked.” Diana, London NW6, 2001

“It took me a while to have confidence in the microsmoking drops, but I persisted with them. After a couple of weeks I found I was relying on them more and more. I’m still taking them after four months now, but my smoking has gone down from 15-20 a day to one or two most days, none some days. That’s a massive achievement for me. I hope to be able to report I have stopped soon, but I’ll do it when I’m ready.” Chris, Slough, 2002 (Chris did report some time later that he had stopped smoking completely, although he was still using the drops, which was OK.)

“Actually, it was ridiculously easy. Fantastic method!” Paul, Huddersfield, 2003

“I checked this method out online but couldn’t find anything on social media. I nearly decided not to go ahead for this reason, which would have been a mistake. You should promote it more.” Marilyn, Kingston, 2005 (Sorry, but we hate Facebook!)

“I don’t understand how the drops work, but they absolutely do. I wish I had discovered The Cambridge Method before I took Champix, which was horrible.” Janice, Worthing, 2008

“Using this method made me realise I’m not ready to stop smoking completely. I agree with you that I have a deep-seated fear of stopping. Microsmoking allows me to smoke occasionally without feeling guilty. I’ll stop when I’m ready.” Bruce, Reading, 2011

“I didn’t actually use the drops for long because I stopped smoking on day one, but it’s good to know they’re there.” George, Stockport, 2013



“This was a three-treatment programme but in fact I had stopped smoking after the first two. It was good to come back for the third session though because I enjoyed the treatment so much.” Jasmin, Norwich, 2009

“I was advised that I was likely to reduce greatly after the first treatment and I did, from 25 a day to about 5. This gave me the encouragement to continue with the programme, which has been a great success, thank you.” Mark, Manchester, 2011

“I wasn’t sure after the first session because I was still smoking, but the helpline counsellor explained it’s a three-treatment programme and that is normal. It would have been easy to misunderstand that, so I recommend to anyone doing this programme to make sure they call the helpline after the first treatment. Anyway, all’s well that ends well!” Carrie, Liverpool, 2013

“I put off doing acupuncture because the thought of needles worried me, but in the event it was actually painless. I would advise anyone putting it off for this reason not to worry, because it’s a great stop-smoking therapy.” Jonathan, Richmond, 2015

“I hadn’t realised acupuncture can help people to stop smoking, but it actually seems to work extremely well. I went from 25 a day to 5 and then none, over the three treatments.” Harry, Eastbourne, 2017

“I don’t really understand why it’s three treatments because I stopped after the first one.” May, London NW6, 2019