At National Stop Smoking Centres we don’t believe taking nicotine is the way to break the addiction to nicotine, and we NEVER use a nicotine product.


Come to your local clinic, where our nurse will test you to prescribe your tailor-made microsmoking drops.


Take your microsmoking drops whenever you want to control your smoking. This will change the way your brain thinks about smoking. Now, you are controlling it instead of it controlling you. The obvious effect of this is that you are learning not to smoke. This step can be as long or as short as you like.


When you are ready, simply use your microsmoking drops every day so you don’t need to smoke at all. After a few days, you will find you no longer need them.


If you ever make a mistake and smoke, just start on your microsmoking drops again. Now, you need never fear starting to smoke again, because you will always have the means to bring it under control.

microsmoking uses no nicotine. Instead you use drops of a nicotine analogue that send a message to your receptors to fool them into thinking they are seeing nicotine, because the analogue has an almost identical molecular structure to the real thing.

Every time you get the urge to smoke, just take a microsmoke drop instead and the desire will vanish. If you want to smoke a cigarette, light up. If you decide not to, microsmoke.

microsmoking will give you all the satisfaction of smoking, but without actually smoking (or vaping), and unlike smoking or vaping the drops contain NO NICOTINE, or anything unpleasant or harmful.

And because the drops are the opposite of a nicotine replacement product, every time you take a drop you are weaning yourself off nicotine, instead of feeding the addiction.

At National Stop Smoking Centres we have been researching smoking cessation for over 30 years.

There are two fears every smoker has, and these fears have to be overcome before you can stop. The first is the fear of failure (which is self-explanatory), and the second is the fear of success (which means you can’t imagine never smoking again, so you fail to make sure that doesn’t happen).

The Dr Mackarness Method addresses both of these fears.

There is no fear of failure, because the programme is not a test of whether you can stop smoking. It’s a gentle way of showing you that you can control your smoking. There is nothing to fail.

There is no fear of success, for two reasons. The first is that by microsmoking you will get used to having days when you don’t smoke. This will teach your subconscious mind that not smoking has no fears. As for the long-term fear, that you will never be able to smoke again, well you might not like this but you can. The programme doesn’t take smoking away from you, it gives you a choice, every day, for the rest of your life if necessary.

Now, there is nothing to fear.

Even before you completely stop smoking, microsmoking can help you to:

Limit the health harms of smoking

Refrain from smoking in pregnancy

Easily have a smoke-free day / week / month

Avoid smoking prior to a general anaesthetic for surgery

Enjoy an evening with non-smoking friends or family

Enjoy a holiday with non-smoking friends or family

Enjoy a stress-free long-haul flight

Avoid smoking during long meetings


Save a lot of money

And of course, microsmoking will help you:

to feel what it is like to control your smoking. This inevitably is going to make it much easier to actually stop smoking when you are ready, either on your own or in combination with hypnotherapy or acupuncture (but not a nicotine replacement product). For example, enjoying regular smoke-free days will help you to break the habit of lighting cigarettes, and microsmoking can be used to learn not to respond to the usual triggers for lighting up.

“I had got into a bad habit of chain smoking when I was working on a new book, and I could get through sixty a day. I actually thought I couldn’t concentrate without a cigarette in my mouth. Microsmoking taught me that just wasn’t true, and my latest book was written in fact without smoking at all while in front of the computer.”

Author, London



Your microsmoking drops contain molecules extracted from tobacco, in a very specific titration measured against your addiction to nicotine. Nothing else is added, which makes them completely safe and without any possible side effects. There are no additives.

Your tailor-made drops contain molecules that exactly match the size of molecule your receptors are adapted to, so they switch off the craving for nicotine without the molecules that keep you addicted. Because they contain ONLY these molecules, they present an image of the chemical structure of nicotine to your receptors, which will be fooled into thinking they are seeing the real thing.

The drops are NOT nicotine or a drug of any kind, and they are NOT addictive.

The Dr Mackarness Method was developed by the late Dr Richard Mackarness, a National Health Service consultant psychiatrist at Basingstoke District General Hospital, and subsequently with the State of Victoria Health Commission in Australia, where he led their drug addiction programme. The programme was further developed by Salford University’s Dr David Freed and Southampton University’s Professor George Lewith. Since 1991 we have helped almost 11,000 smokers with it, and the microsmoking drops were passed by the government’s public health laboratory as inherently safe.


When Dr Mackarness developed the technique, he referred to it as a vaccine, because although the mechanism is different the effect is similar. Because it is not the scientifically-correct term, we prefer not to use it. Having said that, it is a useful analogy.

A vaccine is necessarily made from the virus it protects you from, but your body cannot recognise it as the actual virus. The microsmoking drops are necessarily made from nicotine, but in that process they are turned into anti-nicotine (technically, a neutrogen).

If it helps, think of this as a nicotine vaccine. Every time you take a drop, you are ‘vaccinating’ yourself against nicotine.

What the late Lord Ennals, former Secretary of State for Health, wrote about our work:

“Since 1990, the Foundation has been making a growing contribution to the health of the nation. The work done by Dr Richard Mackarness will one day be recognised as a major medical breakthrough.”

Although we no longer run workplace clinics, since 1991 we have done so for many employers. Here are some of them:

Ford Motor Company, National Grid, Bristol City Council, Ealing Borough Council, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, DuPont, Lucas, Department for Education, Hove Borough Council ……..



The cost is £360, and this includes your clinic appointment, at which one of our nurses will test you to prescribe your personally-tailored microsmoking drops, a dropper bottle and enough spare bottles to last you quite a long time (we are necessarily vague about how long this is because we cannot know how often you will use it).

You can save money by sharing your appointment with a friend, relative or partner, in which case the fee is £240 each.

If you need more microsmoking drops in the first year, a single supply will be sent to you free of charge. After that, there is a charge of £40, and this will be available for four further years.


If you are on benefits, we will offer you an appointment with another client on benefits, for £180. You may have to wait some time, though, for availability.


We have a plan to make the programme available throughout the country by mid-2025.

We are opening clinics in Woking, Watford, Brentwood, Sevenoaks, Bristol, Stourbridge, Nottingham, Chester, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow, plus possibly Belfast.

To book an appointment, or to go on the waiting list for your area, please call us on

0115 888 0808 / 07944 304 224

or use the enquiry form here and we will call you.


Are there any side effects?

None whatever. Your microsmoking drops contain no drug of any kind, and they have been passed as inherently safe by the appropriate Government Laboratory.

So are the drops nicotine?

No. Just as a vaccine is made from the virus it protects you against, the microsmoking drops are made FROM nicotine  Their job is to fool your immune system into thinking, when it sees them, it is seeing actual nicotine, which it is not. The drops are to nicotine what a photographic negative is to a print – the negative of nicotine.

Are the drops addictive?

Unlike a nicotine replacement product, it is not possible to become addicted to microsmoking drops.