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Acupuncture for smoking cessation is growing in popularity. We have been providing it for many years now, and we have been getting excellent results. At most of our branches we provide a three-treatment course. Typically, we find medium-to-heavy smokers cut down dramatically after the first treatment. They then go on to stop after the second, and in some cases it takes all three. Lighter smokers usually stop after the first treatment. If you do, come back for the second treatment, and if you don’t need the third we can hold it for three months in case you need to come back.

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Every regular smoker is addicted to nicotine. Acupuncture gives you control over your addiction, because if you don’t have a craving it is easy not to smoke. In simple terms, acupuncture relieves pain and stress. In smoking cessation, it relieves the pain and stress of withdrawal from nicotine.

We use two forms of acupuncture – body and ear. The first is done in the branch using traditional acupuncture needles. The second involves small devices attached with tape on your ear. Inbetween treatments you can give yourself acupuncture as you go through each day. This means you can relieve craving as it occurs, so you are always in control.



The fee varies around the country, so click here for the details of your local branch. The number of treatments we provide also varies, but we find three treatments are enough for most patients. If you do need more than the number quoted, this will be provided at reduced cost.


Acupuncture is what we call a single-discipline therapy. It deals with your addiction to nicotine. It does that very well, but it has no psychological element. This is provided by our AfterCare counselling team. This combined programme is why NSSC smoking cessation acupuncture is so successful.

We like to speak with every patient the day after your first treatment, to assess your progress so far and advise on preparation for your second treatment. We also suggest you call us after the other treatments, so we are covering every aspect of stopping smoking. This telephone counselling service is available to you for three years.

It’s called NSSC AfterCare, and it’s a free service for you to use as much as you want.





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