Glossop hypnotist



With both hypnotherapy and acupuncture, we will be looking after you for three years with telephone counselling and support. This support could make the difference between your short- and long-term success.

Decide now that whatever happens you will call us if you need help. It’s what we’re really good at. If you do make a mistake and smoke again (you are after all human), DO NOT make the mistake of thinking you have failed. We can almost always get you back on track again.

If you are having hypnotherapy, you must call us for your follow-up phone consultation the next working day after the session. A free follow-up hypnosis session is conditional on this. If you are having a two-session course, call after the first session. If you are having acupuncture, this is usually a three-treatment programme. It is important that you call us the day after your first treatment. We will assess your progress and prepare you for stopping, if you have not yet done so, at the second treatment..