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25/5/18. At this time our Cannock hypnotherapy service is seeing many of our Stafford hypnosis clients.

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From our Stafford hypnotherapy branch

One of the issues we struggle sometimes to explain to hypnosis clients is support. When Ruth called us about coming to our Stafford hypnosis service, it quickly became clear that it had previously been the missing ingredient. She wasn’t aware of that, but we could see it.

This was because she had tried a number of the usual NHS drug products, none of which included support. And don’t forget what support means. It means advice at the very time you need it. She had even seen a Stafford hypnotherapist some years earlier, and in fact she did stop, for several weeks. But when she made a mistake and smoked a couple of cigarettes one night she simply assumed she had failed. Had she been given the right advice and support at that exact time, she would not have started smoking again.

Most hypnotists say they provide support, but there are two problems with that. The first is that when you need to call them you have to leave a message because they are with another client. The other is that independent hypnotherapists deal with a huge range of problems. At National Stop Smoking Centres we have a dedicated help service. Not only is it available without having to leave a message, but we have specialist knowledge and experience that go way beyond anything ordinary hypnotherapists have. After Ruth had been to our Stafford hypnosis service, this was what was going to make all the difference.

We’re not going here into the various issues Ruth had. The point is that everyone has issues when they stop smoking, with hypnotherapy or any other method. Most smoking cessation methods help people, and hypnosis helps more than most, but those issues exist for everyone. One of the reasons our Stafford hypnotist is an NSSC Partner is because they wanted clients to have this expert support. So what worked for them worked for Ruth, which is the point.


We help people to stop smoking, but we also help heavy smokers to become light smokers – IF THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT. We have a book on this subject, and there are lots of pages you can read for free. You might be interested to do this before you see our Stafford hypnotist. Here is a small taster.

….. And this may be none of my business but I happen to believe that having control over one aspect of your life boosts your self-confidence, which makes it more likely you will achieve other targets as well. A common denominator I have seen over the years with the tens of thousands of smokers I have dealt with is lack of self-confidence. Now it’s possible that smoking has damaged their self-confidence and it’s also possible that because they lack self confidence they are more likely to smoke, and probably it’s as much one as the other. Either way, if you have been trying to stop smoking and you keep failing, and you accept my idea of cutting down, which is so much easier and therefore you are so much more likely, in fact pretty well certain, to succeed, then doing all of this can only be a good thing for you in lots of ways that have nothing to do with smoking. Smoking, as all drug taking, is about abuse. This is not my expert subject but I should say that an abused person is someone who lacks the self-esteem to stop the abuse. And the beauty of smoking less, without having to stop completely, is the very thing you will hear me saying throughout this book – it’s so easy.


If you’re not looking for a Stafford hypnotherapist, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS Staffordshire website here.

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