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Including a free follow-up session within three months if needed,
and three years of support to keep you stopped.


Our Market Drayton hypnotherapist is Natasha Harvey. Natasha also sees clients at our Crewe hypnotherapy branch.


Directions to our Market Drayton Hypnotherapy branch

5 Farm Close, Market Drayton TF9 3UH - Phone: 01200 40 50 22

Updates: Our Market Drayton Hypnotherapy Branch

12th May. Our Whitchurch hypnotherapy clients can now be seen at our Market Drayton hypnosis branch.

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From our Market Drayton hypnotherapy branch

Julia’s problem was that her partner smoked, and didn’t support her stopping. Most people, even if they don’t want to stop smoking, accept a responsibility to support someone who does. If they don’t, this has a lot less to do with smoking than their relationship. Julia asked us if hypnotherapy could help her. We never like to turn anyone away, but the honest answer was probably not.

Actually it wasn’t that simple. Of course hypnotherapy could help her to stop smoking. What it couldn’t do was to make her partner more supportive. We didn’t know what his problem was, and in any case that was outwith our concern. So back to the question: would we take her case on? Our Market Drayton hypnotist would certainly take her on, but she had to bear in mind what the obstacle was.

The responsibility of any hypnotist is to understand why the client can’t stop smoking. The hypnotherapy session can then be targeted at those specific issues. Julia had other issues of course. They were the same ones most smokers have, which boil down to her addiction to nicotine and the psychological dependence created by that. But the extra in her case was of course her partner. So the challenge for our Market Drayton hypnotherapist was to give Julia some tools for overcoming her partner’s negativity. She couldn’t change him, but she might change her reaction to him.

The feedback we got from Julia was that her partner was surprised at this turn of events. He had expected her to cave in. He had repeatedly told her she would fail to stop smoking, and that paying for hypnotherapy was therefore a waste of money. Even after her visit to our Market Drayton hypnotherapist, when she was clearly succeeding, his attitude was that it wouldn’t last. Well, what didn’t last was their relationship! Julia came to see that this wasn’t about her stopping smoking, it was about much bigger relationship issues. In fact coming to us for hypnotherapy was the catalyst that opened her eyes to those bigger issues. 


We help people to stop smoking, but we can help heavy smokers to become light smokers too – IF THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT. We have a book on this subject, and there are pages you can read for free. You might be interested to do this before you come to our Market Drayton hypnosis branch. Here is a taster.

Cutting down is harder than stopping

Look, if it’s not as hard as, which I hope I have just cleared up, it can’t be harder, can it?

There’s no point cutting down because it will just go up again

Time for another sanity test. If someone said there is no point losing weight because you will just put in on again would you put your faith in them or would you tell them they are talking nonsense?

I don’t like this statement on a number of levels. One of them is that it kind of makes the assumption that you have no responsibility for you own actions – that whatever you want (like smoking less) someone or something is going to make you do something you don’t want to do, which is smoke more. Why would that be?

And alright, say you do smoke more, let’s say after a year of being a light smoker. Are we seriously being asked to believe that a year of being a light smoker wasn’t worth it because look, you went back to smoking more? Come on, pull the other one. Anyone who says I’m not going to smoke less because I’ll only start smoking more again is responding to the fear I mentioned just now. They are making an excuse for not taking control, which actually all smokers do anyway (it’s pretty normal for smokers to believe that smoking is something that is done to them rather than something they do).


When you enquire about hypnotherapy we will discuss whether it’s what you need. If it is, we will have our Market Drayton hypnotist phone you, because you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will also depend on your relationship with the hypnotherapist you see.


You might not need our Market Drayton hypnotist. If you want to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, we suggest you consult your GP.. You can also visit the NHS Smokefree website here.

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