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Everything you want to know about our Egham hypnosis service


Fee: £200

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Egham hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.



Not provided here at the present time.




Smoking reduction that works

Not yet available here.



Our Egham hypnotherapist is Christine Key. Use the contact form to request a call from Christine.


Directions to our Egham Hypnotherapy branch

7 Giles Travers Close, Thorpe, , Egham TW20 8UQ - Phone: 01200 40 50 22
  • National Stop Smoking Centres Egham Branch

Updates: Our Egham Hypnotherapy Branch

12th May 2018. For the foreseeable future, most of our Staines hypnotherapy clients will be seen here at our Egham hypnosis branch.

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Here’s a snippet from the book. There are lots of pages you can read for free. We suggest you do so before you come to our Egham hypnosis branch.

Break the stress/smoking connection

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, stress makes people smoke. And I’ve said before that smoking doesn’t make people less stressed, it just fools them into thinking it does. It’s such a good trick that smokers don’t believe they will be able to cope with their lives without smoking and then when they do stop and they get stressed they smoke again because they imagine it is somehow going to help.

I am not exaggerating when I say it is the single most important way (after the addiction to nicotine) the tobacco companies keep people buying their drug. It is therefore a threat to you stopping smoking and staying stopped. The threat is not that you need to smoke because you get stressed, but that you imagine you do. That belief is created by the addiction to nicotine, and once you have it you will have it for the rest of your life. If you think I’m making a meal of this unnecessarily I promise you I’m not. People successfully stop smoking and then ring us to say they’ve started again, but something bad happened. And we say, and what’s that got to do with starting again, except very often we don’t say it we just think it, because what we want to do is knock some sense into them but you can’t.

We’re unusual in the world of smoking cessation, in that we know this happens, we are not surprised when it happens, and in the end we shrug our shoulders and just help them to stop again. But if only we could get people to separate smoking from stress.


From our Egham hypnotherapy branch

One of the most common problems we have to deal with is not that people can’t stop smoking but that they don’t understand how to use the help they are given. Helping people to stop is actually surprisingly easy. This is because we provide therapy, unlike the NHS, and therapy always works better than drugs.

Mark was one of those clients who don’t listen to what we tell them. Before he came to our Egham hypnotherapy branch we told him what we tell all clients – to watch the videos here on this site. Did he do that? No. Then our hypnotist told him, at the end of the session, to call our AfterCare team the next day. We ask clients to do this because we have to know how they are getting on. Did he do that? No.

So the following day we called him. There was no answer so we left a message, of course. Did he reply to the message? No. Our Egham hypnotist didn’t call him, because that’s not her job. We have a dedicated service for that. 

We don’t like leaving a case unresolved. Mark might have been doing well, or not. We had no way of knowing, and we always want to know. Fortunately, he did call us – two weeks later! He had not done well. Actually, he had made a good start, but a week later he had several drinks in the company of smokers and gave in when they pushed him to light up. Another week passed before he realised what he needed to do. He rang and asked to see our Egham hypnotherapist again.

This might seem like the right move, but it wasn’t. Mark had missed the point. Yes, having another session of hypnotherapy would get him stopped again, but had he learned any lesson? Would he just make the same mistake again? He needed to learn that things can go wrong and the way to resolve them is to work with us. He finally did come to this understanding, and he spent the following week working through a number of issues we helped him with. He even watched our videos. Then, when he came back to our Egham hypnotherapist he was better prepared and got it right.


When you enquire about hypnotherapy we will discuss whether it’s what you need. If it is, we will have our Egham hypnotist phone you, because you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will also depend on your relationship with the hypnotherapist you see.


Not sure you need an Egham hypnotist? If you want to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS Smokefree website here.

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