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22nd May 2018. If you are in a hurry, you might get an appointment at our Bromley hypnotherapy branch before our Beckenham hypnosis service.

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From our Beckenham hypnotherapy branch

We occasionally see clients who have never tried to stop smoking before, but want hypnosis. As a not-for-profit public service, we ask ourselves why anyone spends money they might not need to. Anyone who has tried to stop and failed can justify the cost of hypnotherapy, but what about those who haven’t?

Some independent Beckenham hypnotists might take such clients on, but we do at least ask why they want to come to us. This is what we asked Suzanne. Her answer was that she knew she couldn’t stop smoking without help. She couldn’t explain how she knew, she just knew. It turned out that she did at least have some idea. Whilst she claimed not to have tried stopping, that wasn’t exactly true. She had stopped when she was pregnant, and she had been using an electric cigarette recently. She wasn’t clear about why with the latter, but in her mind it was something to do with stopping. Having said that, she told our Beckenham hypnotist that she considered she had never seriously tried to stop.

Perhaps she was right. Pregnancy is a common reason why women stop smoking, but Suzanne started smoking again soon after. That’s disappointingly common. As for the electric cigarette, was that ‘trying to stop smoking’? Even Suzanne wasn’t sure about that. Which left us with the question: did she actually need hypnosis to stop smoking? This brings us to a typical reason why people come for hypnotherapy. Almost every client we see has failed with NRPs, which convinces them that they can’t stop. The fact is that most people who use NRPs also haven’t tried stopping on their own. It’s part of the myth that when you come to stop smoking you have to use some method. Most of the clients seen by our Beckenham hypnotist believe that a ‘method’ is essential.

We did at least give Suzanne the option to delay her hypnotherapy appointment and try to stop smoking on her own. She was adamant though that she wanted to make an appointment with our Beckenham hypnotherapist as soon as possible. In the event, she succeeded very easily. Too easily. Perhaps, to be sure she even needed the hypnosis, but does that really matter?


Some people want to take drug products for smoking cessation. If you prefer them to hypnotherapy, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS Bromley website here.


There are two things to put in place before you see our Beckenham hypnotist.. One is to be done before your hypnotherapy, and the other is to be done the day after. Before your hypnosis appointment, watch the videos here, which will help you to prepare for the session. Then, after you have seen our hypnotist, call our AfterCare service, on 01200 40 50 22. This follow-up phone consultation is free, and is really worthwhile.


We are interested to talk to therapists to see our hypnosis clients, to cover for our local Partner’s sickness and holidays. If you believe you can match our very high standards, please contact our Partnership Services Secretary at

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