Brighton hypnotist


Includes two hypnosis sessions, a follow-up phone consultation, and three years of support to help you to stay stopped.


“She was friendly and professional and, as the treatment has worked, effective too!.”
KF, Brighton. 

“Maya was very warm and friendly, very easy to talk to and explained everything very clearly.” DG, Brighton.  ♥♥♥♥

“I had had hypnosis before, so I went for it again knowing it was going to work, which of course it did.” KM, Peacehaven  ♥♥♥♥♥

Our Brighton hypnotherapist is Maya Zack. Maya splits her time between this branch and our branch in Islington, in central London.


Directions to our Brighton Hypnotherapy branch

Address: 119-120 Edward StreetBrighton, BN2 0JL

NSSC Brighton Hypnotherapy Branch

119-120 Edward StreetBrighton, BN2 0JL

NSSC Brighton NSS Clinic

18A Clermont RoadBrighton BN1 6SG

Updates: Our Brighton Hypnotherapy Branch

7th April 2018. For the coming week, our Hove hypnotherapy branch will be seeing our Brighton hypnosis clients.

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Hypnotherapy Acupuncture

Hypnotherapy Acupuncture

Hypnotherapy Acupuncture

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When you call us about hypnosis, or complete the enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss whether hypnotherapy is what you need. Once we are sure, we will have our Brighton hypnotherapist phone you. They are highly qualified, of course, but you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will to some extent depend on your relationship with the hypnotherapist you see.


From our Brighton hypnotherapy branch

When a smoker calls us the main question we ask is about their previous attempts to stop smoking. If they are asking to see our hypnotist, we naturally want to know if they have had hypnotherapy before. James was a bit hazy about what had happened. What he was able to tell us was that he had been seen by a friend of a friend, who ‘was learning hypnotherapy’. This rang alarm bells with us, and it should have with him.

The point here is that not all hypnotherapists are equal. We would be the first to recommend a different therapy if we could see that hypnosis was wrong for a client. But in this case we had to assume it was the therapist, not the client, who had failed. What James needed to know was that who you see for any therapy matters.

Looking for a Brighton hypnotist, James found us. He was attracted to our website because he could see we are a national organisation that sets standards, and this was something he hadn’t come across before. There is no standard for hypnotherapists, no governing body, and no-one monitoring therapists. We do all of that, but only within the field of smoking cessation of course. Our Brighton hypnotist is not only qualified but she has a great deal of experience. And she is regularly monitored to ensure that she conforms to the standards we set. Every National Stop Smoking Centres Partner hypnotherapist and acupuncturist does, which is the reason we provide our service. 

James did stop smoking when he came to us. He had a minor setback the next day and had to call our AfterCare service, but in any case we provide two sessions at our Brighton hypnotherapy service, so by the time he came for his follow-up appointment he was ready to stop for good, which he did.


Some people want to take drug products to stop smoking. If you prefer that to hypnotherapy, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the Brighton and Hove City Council website here. Then, if you DO need to see our hypnotist, call us.


Before you see our Brighton hypnotist, there are two things to consider. One is to be done before your therapy, and the other is to be done after. Before, say, your hypnosis appointment, watch the videos here. They are good preparation for your therapy. And after you have seen our hypnotist, call us (the next working day), on 01200 40 50 22. This follow-up phone consultation is free, and is really worthwhile.


We are interested to talk to therapists to see our hypnosis clients, to cover for our local Partner’s sickness and holidays. If you believe you can match our very high standards, please contact our Partnership Services Secretary at

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