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Including three years of counselling to ensure you stay stopped
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Fee: £160

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Falkirk hypnotherapist has slots six days a week.



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Updates: Our Falkirk Hypnotherapy Branch

12th April 2018. If you want to be seen at our Stirling hypnotherapy service, we can offer you a slot at our Falkirk hypnosis branch sooner.

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Here is a small taster from the book. If you are going to come to our Falkirk hypnotherapist, it’s a good idea to read the free sample pages first.

I’ve read about something called the Addiction Level. Is this how many cigarettes I smoke or is it the same as the Addiction Threshold?

No, and no. It is an immunological function that is tested by our medical staff for patients in The Phoenix Programme, and doesn’t concern you if you’re not in it.

Why do you go on about the addiction so much? I’ve been told it’s all in the mind

Well you have been sold a pup. Really, I’m not going to explain it all again. Read the Handbook. But why do people tell you these lies? Usually because they’ve got a book to sell, or some treatment they’ve dreamed up, and since they don’t understand addiction they sweep it under the carpet. I’m not an uncritical devotee of what often passes for science, but in this case the science just can’t be argued with.


From our Falkirk hypnotherapy branch

Maggie didn’t find it hard to stop smoking. What she found hard was staying stopped. This, though, is not as straightforward as it sounds. What is the difference between stopping and staying stopped? How do you measure ‘staying’? Some clients tell us they ‘failed’ to stop smoking because they only stopped for three months. Is that a reasonable statement? Others say they stop smoking often but can’t stay stopped. It turns out, though, that when they say they have stopped they sometimes mean they’re not smoking because they are using a NRP. Is that ‘stopped’? No, because whether you get your nicotine from a drug product or tobacco is largely irrelevant.

Maggie was interested to come to our Falkirk hypnotherapist, but she wondered if that made sense, given that she could stop smoking. Well, we come back to the same question. What did she mean when she said she could stop? It turns out that there was no simple answer to that. There often isn’t. Yes, of course she had been on NRPs. She had also been on an electric cigarette, which is of course a nicotine replacement product. So some of her being stopped was not smoking but still using nicotine. She had also been on Champix. On this, she had stopped, completely, for several weeks. When the side effects became too severe, though, she came off the drug and went back onto cigarettes. Even here the question needs to be asked – she wasn’t smoking but was she a non-smoker? 

By the time Maggie saw our Falkirk hypnotist, we had sorted out all of this. Or at least we thought we had. As much as we try to re-educate clients, they sometimes persist in old beliefs. Believe it or not we actually had to tell Maggie not to use an NRP when she had her hypnotherapy. Was this because she believed she would need nicotine, or because she just hadn’t thought it through? We don’t know, but we trusted her not to use them, and we don’t think she did. Why do some people think an NRP will help, perhaps alongside hypnotherapy? Well, largely because they just don’t understand what our hypnotist does. We do like clients to know what we do, and how it works. You don’t have to know everything, but some time spent here on this site reading about it can really help. Stopping smoking isn’t something we do to you; it’s something YOU are going to do with the help of our Falkirk hypnotherapy service.

Anyway, back to Maggie. As we said, she could stop smoking, but what did this really mean? Well, in her case it really did mean she could stop. Fair enough, she got confused about doing it with NRPs, but she had in fact also done it on her own. So what our hypnotist had to do was to tailor the session to help her with the long term. There is a difference between the long and short term, and if we know what the client’s problem is we can help with either, or both. This is what our Falkirk hypnotist focused on at the session, and Maggie found that not only did she stop smoking but that she had a quite different outlook from then on. This made all the difference.


When you call us about hypnosis, or complete the enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss whether hypnotherapy is what you need. Once we are sure, we will have our Falkirk hypnotherapist phone you. They are highly qualified, of course, but you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will to some extent depend on your relationship with the hypnotist you see..


If you don’t want a Falkirk hypnosis service you can take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking. See your GP or visit the NHS Forth Valley website here. If then you DO need to see our Falkirk hypnotist, give us a call.

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