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“Because I was pregnant I chose hypnosis over drug products for safety.”
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Our Manchester hypnotherapist in Sale is Sally McHugh.


Directions to our south Manchester Hypnotherapy branch in Sale

197 Dane RoadSale, Manchester, M33 2NA

Manchester Hypnotherapy Branch

197 Dane RoadSale, Manchester, M33 2NA

Covid update: South Manchester Hypnosis Branch

Expect a brief delay as we organise the re-opening of this branch.

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Something people are concerned about, when they call about seeing our south Manchester hypnotist or acupuncturist, is the issue of stress. They often say they can’t stop smoking because of it. Or that they smoke more when they are stressed. Or that they did stop, but it was stress that made them start again. It all boils down to the same thing. The erroneous belief that smoking relieves stress.

Why erroneous? You smoke, so you are addicted to nicotine. When you don’t get a drug you are addicted to, it makes you stressed. When you don’t smoke, you don’t get nicotine and so it makes you stressed. When you then smoke, the nicotine makes you feel less stressed. So what smoking is doing is nothing more than relieving the stress you feel because you haven’t smoked. There is nothing in tobacco that relieves any other kind of stress.

The problem this causes is that it creates the belief that it is smoking that makes you less stressed. It’s just not true. So before you see your local Manchester hypnotist or acupuncturist accept this right now. Stress. In fact, and this is the really good news, many people become LESS stressed when they stop smoking.


From our Manchester hypnotherapy branch in Sale

Fiona and Tim wanted to book with our Manchester hypnotist, but they wanted to be seen together. They had always tried to stop together in the past. We always recommend that couples stop together, for obvious reasons. But does that mean seeing our hypnotist together? No. Hypnotherapy is not a group therapy.

Our hypnotherapist in Sale could offer them appointments on the same day though. As it turned our the two clients were very different people with different issues. Even if hypnosis were ever done in couples they would not have been suitable. Perhaps one of the reasons for their past failures was that they had not recognised the significance of this.

Given that they had only tried with the NHS this was not surprising. Our hypnotists see people every day who have failed with the NHS’s drug products. Is that because those products don’t work well, or because GPs know so little about smoking cessation? It’s probably a bit of both. Neither Fiona nor Tim had ever had hypnotherapy or acupuncture before, or even seen a ‘specialist’ who really knew their subject. Smokers’ individual issues are important, and it seems only therapists really understand this.

Anyway, these two smokers both saw our Sale hypnotist on the same day, and interestingly when they compared notes they experienced the hypnotherapy differently. That might be because of their different perceptions, or because they were different people and our hypnotist tailored the sessions differently. What we see from this story is the NHS smoking cessation model is very different from a typical hypnotherapist. All we can say about that is that most smokers try the NHS first, and then come for hypnotherapy. That says all you need to know.


You might not be looking for a Manchester hypnotherapist. If you aren’t, and you want to take pharmaceutical products, see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS Greater Manchester website here.


Before you see our Manchester hypnotist in Sale, there are two things we want you to remember. One is to be done before your therapy, and the other is to be done after. Before your hypnosis appointment, watch the videos here. They are good preparation for your therapy. And after you have seen our hypnotist, call us. This follow-up phone consultation is free.


We would like to discuss with you becoming a locum therapist to see our hypnosis clients if needed. If you can match our high standards, send your details to