Preston hypnotist


Includes a follow-up phone consultation, a free second hypnotherapy session* if needed,
and three years of support to help you to stay stopped.


“I felt very relaxed and in safe hands with Margaret. She had a lovely manner and was very professional.”
EH, Fulwood ♥♥♥♥♥

“Margaret was very pleasant. She put me at my ease very quickly.” AS, Preston  ♥♥♥♥

“I thought the hypnosis was fantastic.” YC, Preston  ♥♥♥♥♥

Our Preston hypnotherapist is Margaret Houghton. Margaret also sees clients at our Southport hypnotherapy branch.


Directions to our Preston Hypnotherapy branch

141A Liverpool Road, Longton, , Preston PR4 5AB - Phone: 01200 40 50 22

Updates: Our Preston Hypnotherapy Service

12th April 2018. For the next month, our Blackburn hypnotherapy clients can only be offered treatment at our Preston hypnosis branch.
23rd March 2019. We are now able to offer evening appointments again with our Preston hypnotist.

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From our Preston hypnotherapy branch

Magnus’ GP had tried him on one NRP after another, in the vain hope that if one didn’t help another would. He even gave him Champix, but that didn’t help either.

Then Magnus himself came up with the idea of hypnotherapy. A friend of his had succeeded with it, again after failed attempts with the NHS, so Magnus wanted to do it. He went back to his GP and asked for a referral to a Preston hypnotist. The doctor told him he couldn’t refer him, so Magnus just asked for his advice on finding a qualified hypnotherapist. Again, the GP said he couldn’t recommend hypnotherapy, because unlike NRPs it wasn’t proven to work. Magnus thought about this. ‘Unlike NRPs’? All the NRPs he had tried had failed to work, so what did the doctor mean? 

He searched online for a Preston hypnotist, and found there were plenty to choose from. The problem was, how could he know who was qualified? Most hypnotists are qualified to one degree or another, but this isn’t really helpful. So he tried a different search,  thinking there might be a difference, for a Preston hypnotherapist. The results were the same. He noticed, though, that one result on Google stood out. He hadn’t heard about us, but he reasoned that since we only do stopping smoking that’s a good start.

To cut a long story short, he came to our Preston hypnotherapy branch, and he stopped smoking after just one session. That might have been the end of the story, but it wasn’t. The next time he saw his GP he mentioned that he had stopped smoking. The doctor said something like good for you, and that might have been the end of it. But Magnus told him how he had managed it, hoping the doctor might be interested. But he wasn’t.

Anyway, Magnus thought for himself, did his research and attended our Preston hypnosis branch. So for him, that’s the end of the story.


When you call us about hypnotherapy, or complete the enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss whether they are what you need. Once we are sure, we will have our Preston hypnotist phone you. They are highly qualified, of course, but you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, but your success will to some extent depend on your relationship with the hypnotist you see.


If you want to take pharmaceuticals to stop smoking instead of hypnosis, see your GP.. You can also visit the Lancashire County Council website here. If they can’t help you, our Preston hypnotist will be pleased to do so.


Before you see our Preston hypnotist, there are two things we want you to remember. One is to be done before your hypnotherapy, and the other is to be done after. Before your hypnosis appointment, watch the videos here. They are good preparation for your therapy. And after you have seen our hypnotist, call us (the next working day), on 01200 40 50 22. This follow-up phone consultation is free, and is really worthwhile.


We are interested to talk to therapists to see our hypnosis clients, to cover for our local Partner’s sickness and holidays. If you believe you can match our very high standards, please contact our Partnership Services Secretary at

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