Blackpool hypnotist


Includes a follow-up phone consultation, a free second hypnotherapy session* if needed,
and three years of support to help you to stay stopped.


“I’ve stopped smoking even though I have another smoker in my home.”
AH, Fleetwood 

“Lauren had a very relaxed approach. This allowed me to settle and she was helpful with my questions. I fought it, not believing hypnosis would work, but it really did.” MP, Singleton ♥♥♥♥

Our Blackpool hypnotherapist is Lauren Kolb. Lauren also sees Lytham hypnotherapy clients here.


Directions to our Blackpool Hypnotherapy branch

Address: 30 Bryning LaneWrea Green PR4 2WJ

Blackpool Hypnotherapy Branch

30 Bryning LaneWrea Green PR4 2WJ

Updates: Our Blackpool Hypnotherapy Branch

15th January 2018. Starting at the end of this month, there will be some evening appointments available with our Blackpool hypnotist.
12th March 2019. We can now offer a choice of our Preston and Blackpool hypnosis branches.

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From our Blackpool hypnotherapy branch

Alex told us he had had hypnotherapy, not completely successfully, before. He was wondering whether to see our Blackpool hypnotist or acupuncturist. Naturally, we asked him about his experience with hypnosis, and why, if he hadn’t succeeded, he wanted to do it again.

We can never be sure why someone fails to stop at any given time, but whilst we have to assess if the method might not be suitable for them there are other criteria too. There are many Blackpool hypnotists, and we know nothing about most of them. 

Alex had, though, made a correct decision in asking us to assess his needs. He had spoken with independent therapists, and all they could advise was to go to them, naturally. A hypnotist isn’t going to recommend acupuncture, and vice versa. Alex came to us for the very specific reason that we have a Blackpool acupuncture and hypnotherapy branch and we were not going to be biased in favour of either.

If we had no way of making a judgment about the hypnotist he had seen, we could at least make one about him. If we felt he was not suited for it we would have said so and offered him acupuncture. However, after a lengthy telephone assessment we concluded that hypnotherapy was exactly what he needed. We couldn’t know why it had been unsuccessful before. Was it the therapist or was it just the wrong moment? Or was it that he would have succeeded if he had been given the right post-therapy support, which he hadn’t. That’s not something an independent hypnotist can generally offer, whereas at NSSC it’s something we specialise in.

Whatever the reason for his past failure this time Alex stopped smoking in a single session of hypnotherapy. We would never know what had happened previously, but it no longer mattered.


When you call us about hypnosis, or complete the enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss whether hypnotherapy is what you need. Once we are sure, we will have our Blackpool hypnotist phone you. They are highly qualified, of course, but you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will to some extent depend on your relationship with the hypnotherapist you see.


Not thinking of a Blackpool hypnotist? We suggest you see your GP for smoking cessation products.. You can also visit the Blackpool Council website here.


Before you see our Blackpool hypnotist, there are two things we want you to remember. One is to be done before your hypnotherapy, and the other is to be done after. Before your hypnosis appointment watch the videos here. They are good preparation for your therapy. And after you have seen our hypnotist, call us the next working day. This follow-up phone consultation is free, and is really worthwhile.


We are interested to talk to therapists to see our hypnosis clients, to cover for our local Partner’s sickness and holidays. If you believe you can match our very high standards, please contact our Partnership Services Secretary at

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