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From our Altrincham hypnotherapy branch

Julie and her mother, Avril, lived together and were ‘smoking buddies’ – they saw smoking as something they did together that was a comfort. But at some point Julie realised this wasn’t going anywhere, that it was self-destructive behaviour. Suddenly she saw that it was giving her nothing. Her problem was that her mother still didn’t see that.

Julie booked to come to see our Altrincham hypnotist, hoping her mother would come along too. Avril, though, said she ‘wasn’t ready’ to stop smoking. She hadn’t had the epiphany her daughter had had. It tends to come to smokers suddenly, and it would be unlikely to have come to both of them at the same time. Would her mother’s reluctance put Julie off? She said it didn’t, but we could tell she was disappointed. 

So she came to see our hypnotist full of hope but also with a number of worries. Actually, although the circumstances weren’t common, that mix of hope and anxiety is. It’s really quite normal, so we were able to address Julie’s concerns in the hypnotherapy session. What remained then was whether her mother was going to support her in this. You would suppose that since Avril had said she wanted to stop smoking she would have given her full support to Julie, but it wasn’t that simple. Julie called our AfterCare service to say that her mother was leaving her cigarettes around just as usual. It was as if Avril was trying to sabotage her daughter. Julie, of course, didn’t want to believe that.

What happened was that Julie gave in to this pressure. After some more telephone counselling it was decided she should come back to see our hypnotist again, although we were still worried about the domestic situation. In the event, what happened was that Avril realised the damage she had done. This was inspired by Julie having to come back for a second session. She understood then that she had caused the problem. She said she would smoke outside and also keep her cigarettes well out of sight.

This went on for a few weeks, and Julie did very well. And what that did was to inspire Avril to bite the bullet herself. Perhaps she just needed her daughter to stop smoking so she could believe in it. In any case, she saw our Altrincham hypnotist and stopped very easily. And so it was another of those stories that ends happily.


Hypnosis may not be what’s best for you. If you want to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, ask your GP.. Or visit the NHS Smokefree website here. If they can’t help you, you are welcome to see our Altrincham hypnotist then.


Before coming to our Altrincham hypnotist, there are two things to remember. One is to be done before your therapy, and the other is to be done after. Before your hypnosis appointment, watch the videos here. They are good preparation for your therapy. And after you have seen our hypnotist, call us. This free follow-up phone consultation is really worthwhile.


We would like to talk with you about becoming a locum therapist to see our hypnosis clients if needed. If you believe you can match our very high standards, send your details to