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Everything you need to know about our Gateshead hypnotherapy service

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Fee: £160

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Gateshead hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.



Not provided here at the present time. Your nearest service to here is our Newcastle acupuncture branch.



We hope to bring AM to the north-east by the end of 2017.


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When you have seen our Gateshead hypnotherapist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling.

Gateshead Hypnotherapy AfterCare

We provide three years of counselling support. We suggest you phone the helpdesk the day after your session to talk through your strategy for staying stopped. If you need to come back to see our Gateshead hypnotist again, we can arrange this.

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17th May. For the time being our Newcastle hypnotherapy branch is seeing our Gateshead hypnosis clients.
10th June. At present, this branch is not offering short-notice appointments.

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Hypnotherapy Acupuncture

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From our Gateshead hypnotherapy branch

Why do people who have stopped smoking start again? Actually, it’s quite an easy question to answer. 

Ken had stopped smoking on two occasions for several months. He was now thinking of hypnosis, and we agreed with him. His problem was that each time he had stopped he not been a non-smoker. He had been a smoker who wasn’t smoking. This was the problem he presented to our Gateshead hypnotist. He hadn’t found it very hard to stop before, but he had never felt like a non-smoker. Why would that be? Because he always wanted to smoke? Actually, no, it wasn’t that. In fact he really didn’t want to smoke, even when he did. No, it was that he felt no different. And because of that, he found it easy to pick up a cigarette. 

When he met our Gateshead hypnotherapist, he was keen but he wasn’t sure it was going to be any different this time. That was a mistake, because of course it was. Ken really hadn’t thought about what hypnotherapy is, and what it does. He wasn’t with us to stop smoking, he was with us to change the way he saw smoking – permanently. Everyone sees it as a bad thing, but for the addict it is necessary to FEEL it’s wrong for them. That is what hypnosis does. If Ken could leave our Gateshead hypnotist feeling bad about smoking, he was never going to light up again.

This is a crucial difference between stopping smoking on your own and doing it with hypnotherapy. It’s one of the reasons NRPs have such a poor long-term result. They do help some (but not many) to stop smoking, but they don’t change anything. Almost everyone seeing our Gateshead hypnotist has been on NRPs, which proves our point. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was hypnosis that changed Ken’s relationship with smoking permanently.


Here is a small taster from the book. If you are going to come to our hypnotherapist in Gateshead, it’s a good idea to read the sample pages first.

….. It is not only lazy writing, it’s nonsense. Yes, people smoke when they are stressed, and yes, ex-smokers go back to smoking when they are stressed, but why do they do that? Do they do it because it relaxes them, or because they THINK it’s going to relax them? Do they do it because they saw someone on television doing it? Actually, that’s not as crass as it sounds because it’s true, TV has enormous influence, and it has the power, in one such scene, to influence millions of people, to confirm what they always suspected, that when you are stressed it’s a good idea to smoke. It doesn’t matter that it’s not true. An idea doesn’t have to be true for people to believe it. Ask any politician.

Oh no, I hear you say, smoking definitely helps me when I’m stressed. Well, look, I know you feel better when you smoke, I admit it, but now I am going to tell you why it’s a trick.

Turn back to the chart in the previous tutorial, the one with the up and down lines that show displeasure from not smoking and pleasure when you smoke, the one that shows that the pleasure isn’t actually pleasure, it’s the relief of displeasure. This same chart applies equally to stress.


If our Gateshead hypnotherapist is not what you’re looking for, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the Gateshead Council website here.