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Our Camden Hypnotist and Acupuncturist, London WC1

Everything you need to know about our Camden hypnotherapy and acupuncture services

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Fee: £225

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Camden hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.


Fee £215

You will have three treatments, about one week apart. Depending on how many you smoke, expect to stop by the third or sooner. Our fee is all-inclusive.



We hope to bring AM to London by the end of 2017.


Our Camden hypnotherapist is Maya Zack.


Our Camden acupuncturist is Naji Malak


When you have seen our Camden hypnotherapist or acupuncturist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling..

Camden Hypnotherapy AfterCare

This gives three years of support, including a follow-up session with our Camden hypnotist if necessary (limited to three months). We strongly advise you to call the helpdesk the day after your session. We will talk through how the session went and how you are doing. If there any issues, it is our job to resolve them.

Camden Acupuncture AfterCare

We give three years of counselling and support with acupuncture. In addition to the long-term support, we like to talk with you after the first treatment. This is to assess your progress and also to give our Camden acupuncturist feedback to prepare him for your second treatment.


Directions to our Camden Hypnotherapy branch

Address: 46 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London, WC1X 8NW

Directions to our Camden Acupuncture branch

Address: 9 St George’s Mews, Camden, London, NW1 8XG

NSSC Camden acupuncture branch

NSSC Camden hypnosis branch


02/03/18. The hypnosis branch is currently unable to offer short-notice appointments.
17/05/18. For the next two weeks, our Islington hypnotherapy branch is seeing our Camden hypnosis clients.

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City of London, EC1

Hypnotherapy Acupuncture

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From our Camden hypnotherapy branch

Jim (not his real name) was, by his own admission, a serial failer. He asked us about our Camden hypnotist, and there seemed no doubt that he did want to stop smoking. Each time he tried, he appeared to take it seriously and make every effort. But he never stopped for very long. Well, the first thing we needed to do was to get to grips with why, and only he could give us that information. Of course, he didn’t know why, but that didn’t really matter. Very few smokers do know. Our job is to discuss their smoking cessation history in detail and work it out. They know themselves better than we can, but we know more about stopping smoking than they do. Combining their knowledge and ours usually gives us some answers at least.

Before he could see our Camden hypnotherapist or acupuncturist, we had to assess Jim so that they would know what they needed to do for him. What were the issues they would need to resolve? In the end we decided that he should be seen by our hypnotist, as acupuncture was not going to resolve his particular problems. But how did we reach that conclusion?

Although Jim had stopped many times, he was never really a non-smoker. He was what we call a smoker who isn’t smoking. This meant that he could cope with the process of stopping, but he never put in place a strategy for the long term. Why does this sometimes happen? Well, to some extent it’s fear of success. This means that you can cope with stopping but you don’t believe in life without smoking. This was certainly something our Camden hypnotist could help Jim with.

The reasons people have this fear of success are too complex and varied to go into here, but when we discussed them with Jim he did recognise it in himself. That was a good start. He also recognised that he had been a smoker who wasn’t smoking. He found the expression really helpful. Knowing what the problem is is a good start.

Getting Jim on side with this was half the battle for our Camden hypnotherapist. Smoking cessation isn’t something we do to people, it’s teamwork between us and the client. Jim had come to believe in failure, but that was only because he had never been given the right help. Failure breeds failure, and for this reason we are often faced with clients who come to hypnotherapy or acupuncture with a severe lack of confidence. Fortunately, Jim recognised that he was at last understood. He could have worked them out for himself, but smokers often need someone to tell them what their problems are. Any Camden hypnotist could have done this, but we have the additional benefit of our national support service that can root out these issues before any client gets to see our hypnotherapist.


Before seeing our Camden acupuncturist or hypnotherapist, you might read the sample pages on our website.
Here is a taster:

Maintaining the addiction

Although you need about four cigarettes or so each day to avoid withdrawal symptoms, the addiction is not finally lost until there is no longer any nicotine in your body. That takes about four days, variable again for the same reasons as above. This is why some people are extremely light smokers, and why some are what they call social smokers. They tend to say oh I can take it or leave it, I only smoke when I go to the pub, but in most cases they are going to the pub at least twice a week, and while they don’t like to be told they are addicted, as if that’s some kind of insult, technically they are.

Passive smoking

There is enough nicotine in someone else’s smoke to keep you addicted. Some people don’t even need to smoke. They just keep breathing smoke from other people’s cigarettes and they can avoid withdrawal symptoms.

We once had a woman asking us for help. She said that every time she stopped smoking her daughter’s behaviour changed. Was it just that she was stressed and she thought it changed?

Unlikely, but we tested the daughter at the same time as her mother and, yes, she was addicted. She was 11 years old. She had never smoked a cigarette, but she was addicted to the nicotine she had been absorbing from her mother’s smoking. We had to treat her at the same time as her mother to get round the problem.

Naturally, then, when you stop smoking it is important to avoid smoky places, which in any case is easy enough to do these days, but it also means, if you have a smoking person in your household, that they cannot smoke in the same room as you. This is not an option. I don’t care what you have to say to them, but this is non-negotiable.


When you call us about hypnosis, or complete the enquiry form, we will contact you to discuss whether hypnotherapy is what you need. Once we are sure, we will have our Camden hypnotist phone you. They are highly qualified, of course, but you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will to some extent depend on your relationship with the hypnotherapist you see.

– or acupuncturist, as appropriate..


If you don’t need hypnosis or acupuncture to stop smoking, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the Camden NHS website here. You might then conclude that you do need to see our acupuncturist or hypnotist. If so, just complete the contact form.