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Norwich hypnotist

Our Norwich Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy Services

Everything you need to know about our Norwich hypnotist and acupuncturist

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Fee: £185

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Norwich hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.


Fee £185

This is provided over three separate treatments, usually a few days or a week apart. Most patients stop after the second treatment, although it can work faster than that. Our fee is fully-inclusive.



We hope to bring AM to Norwich by the end of 2017.


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I hadn’t realised how helpful acupuncture is for stopping smoking. Naji was first class. Thank you.” LM, Norwich.
“A very positive and holistic experience. Excellent support. Would highly recommend.” CS, Panxworth
“From thirty a day to nothing after just the first treatment. Incredible!” ML, Norwich

Our Norwich acupuncturist is Naji Malak, who also sees our patients in central London.


When you have seen our Norwich hypnotherapist or acupuncturist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling..

Norwich Hypnotherapy AfterCare

This gives three years of support. We strongly advise you to call the helpdesk the day after your session. We will talk through how the session went with our Norwich hypnotist, how you feel right now, and what, if anything, else we need to do.

Norwich Acupuncture AfterCare

We give three years of counselling and support with acupuncture. In addition to the long-term support, we like to talk with you after the first treatment. This is to assess your progress and ensure that our Norwich acupuncturist has feedback to prepare for your second treatment.


Directions to our Norwich Hypnotherapy branch

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Directions to our Norwich Acupuncture branch

Address: 64 Bethel Street, Norwich, NR2 1NR

NSSC Norwich Acupuncture Branch


22nd May 2018. For the coming two weeks, our Dereham hypnotherapy clients will be seen at our Norwich hypnosis branch.
13th June 2018. Our hypnosis branch has no short-notice appointments at the moment.

Here is a branch that might be more convenient than our Norwich hypnotist. Click for the full details.



To book with our Norwich hypnotist or acupuncturist, or just to ask for our advice, click this button 


Among the questions smokers have when calling about our Norwich acupuncturist or hypnotist is one about our success rate. The answer to this question is that there actually is no answer. Answering this question is making a claim, which we are not allowed to do. If a therapist ever makes such a claim, ask them to prove it. They can’t.

The ethical approach to this issue is rather to look at what can be done to give you the best chance of success.

Many people ring us to ask for help with stopping smoking with hypnotherapy, but don’t actually know how it works. They probably haven’t considered the alternative, which is acupuncture. So the first thing you might do is compare the two methods and see which one is better for you.

Then, having chosen the correct therapy, you need to find the correct therapist. How do you know who is actually qualified and experienced? Well, you are on the NSSC website so that isn’t a problem.

And here’s something most smokers just don’t think about. You are very likely to stop smoking with therapy, but what about staying stopped? Who do you turn to if you have a problem? Does the therapy come with a support programme? With NSSC therapy, yes it does.

And lastly, remember that if you have used pharmaceutical products before that has no bearing on your chance of stopping smoking with therapy. Therapy ALWAYS works better than drugs.

When you book with our Norwich acupuncturist or hypnotist it’s going to be because we have looked at what help you need, so you know acupuncture, say, is the correct choice. You are going to have three years of counselling support by telephone from our AfterCare experts. And while we’re not suggesting our acupuncturist and hypnotist in Norwich are the only qualified therapists, you will at least know they have been vetted and are regularly monitored. And that they are working as a team with us to give you the best result.



From our Norwich acupuncture and hypnotherapy branches

This is actually two cases; one for each of our branches in Norwich. We are the only non-profit independent provider of stop-smoking therapy in the UK, and one of the reasons for our success is that we can always offer the correct therapy for each smoker. In almost all cases this is either acupuncture or hypnosis.

Norwich Acupuncture 

Most people come to us to stop smoking with acupuncture because they know someone who succeeded with it. As a relatively little-known therapy in smoking cessation, most smokers don’t even think of it when they want to stop. Charles had a relative who had stopped with acupuncture after smoking thirty cigarettes a day for the almost forty years. In fact this did not necessarily mean that it was the right therapy for Charles. However, because of his keen belief in the therapy there was no reason to dissuade him either.

So he came to see our Norwich acupuncturist full of confidence, for a three-treatment course. He stopped after the first, but he enjoyed the experience so much he came back for the other two anyway.

Norwich Hypnotherapy

James didn’t have this advantage, in that he didn’t know of anyone who had stopped smoking with hypnotherapy. But he knew as much as most smokers about it, and it seemed to him the default therapy. In his case, there was also no reason to dissuade him. Had he shown any contra-indications, then we should have had a duty to persuade him otherwise, but he didn’t. James was in fact like almost all our clients – clearly suitable for hypnotherapy, because there are actually almost no contra-indications for it.

Our Norwich hypnotist found James to be an ideal client – keen to stop smoking, and willing to follow our advice. It’s not much of a story, but so many cases are like that – just simple.




You can help us to help you by following these simple tips.

1. You might be tempted to go drinking with friends who smoke. Not yet.

2. If you have a smoker in the house, get their support. This means they don’t smoke in the house and they don’t leave cigarettes around.

3. Throw away all your smoking materials.

4. Tell your friends you are stopping smoking. Ask them to back you in this.

5. Lastly, something we cannot emphasise enough. If you have a problem, call us. If you think you might smoke, even if you do smoke, call us. We will never judge you. We’re here to help, and we’re very good at it. Don’t call our Norwich acupuncture or hypnosis branch, call the AfterCare service, on 01200 40 50 22.

We want you to get the very best from your session at our Norwich acupuncture or hypnotherapy branch. Do call us if you need any more advice.


Before seeing our Norwich acupuncturist or hypnotherapist, you might read the free sample pages on our website.
Here is a very small taster:

….. Psychological dependence means not only that you believe in smoking but that you don’t believe in stopping. OK, you believe you should perhaps, and you might even believe it’s possible, even if only for other people, but allowing yourself to become addicted to nicotine has done permanent and irreparable damage to your brain. It has, effectively, taken over control of you. You might well recognise the feeling. A lot of the smokers who come to us say that is the worst thing about it, being controlled by tobacco. Actually, they’re not as controlled as they think, but that’s another facet of the control. It makes you believe it controls you when it doesn’t, it can’t, because you’re an intelligent adult who has control over your life.

Alright, not complete control over everything, but certainly control over what you put in your mouth. The really really clever thing about tobacco is that it creates the belief that it controls you. It makes you lose the belief that you will ever be able to do anything about it.


Do you really need a Norwich hypnotist or acupuncturist? If you prefer to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the Smokefree Norfolk website here.