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Everything you need to know about our Colchester hypnotherapy service

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Fee: £185

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Colchester hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.



Not provided here at the present time, but we are planning a Colchester acupuncture branch to open very soon.



We hope to bring AM to Essex by the end of 2017.


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When you have seen our Colchester hypnotherapist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling..

Colchester Hypnotherapy AfterCare

We provide three years of support. We strongly advise you to call the helpdesk the day after your session with our Colchester hypnotist. We will talk through how the session went, how you feel right now, and what, if anything, else we need to do.

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08/05/2018. At the moment our Wivenhoe and Manningtree hypnotherapy clients are being seen here at our Colchester hypnosis branch.
10/06/2018. This branch has no short-notice appointments at the moment.

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To book with our Colchester hypnotist, or just to ask for our advice, click this button 


From our Colchester hypnotherapy branch

Antonia had been smoking for over thirty years, and had tried stopping with every drug product her GP could throw at her, without success. She had then gone onto an electric cigarette, not because she thought it might help her to stop smoking but because her doctor recommended it. That smacks of desperation, on his part more than hers. We find that most people coming to us for hypnosis have tried the e-cigarette. Whether they see it as a smoking cessation aid or simply a ‘safer’ way to smoke is unclear. Perhaps a bit of both. Our Colchester hypnotist believes that most users have no clear idea why they are doing it.

Antonia said she actually found the product unpleasant to use. Perhaps because of this, or because it wasn’t giving her enough nicotine, she was smoking the odd real cigarette as well. By the time she came to us for hypnotherapy she was herself getting a bit desperate. While she was making her booking with our Colchester hypnosis service, she asked if she come off the e-cigarette and just smoke real ones. Or perhaps the other way round. We explained that it didn’t actually matter. Hypnotherapy was going to help her to stop smoking. It wouldn’t matter what she was smoking.

The next question Antonia asked us was if she should continue to use either tobacco or the electric cigarette after she had been to our hypnotist in Colchester. This is a surprisingly common question. Why would anyone smoke after they have had the therapy? Perhaps they think they should cut down gradually after the hypnosis. No, absolutely not. That the client thought she might need to use the e-cigarette was a little less surprising. It’s supposedly a smoking cessation device, so why not? Because it isn’t a smoking cessation device. It’s smoking by another means. Anyway, that cleared that up!

Antonia’s questions raised an interesting question themselves. How many clients do what she thought she might do, after having hypnosis? And why? Because they still believe in the NHS pharmaceutical model? Because they aren’t completely sure about hypnotherapy? Well, it’s probably a bit of both.

Because we sorted out Antonia’s incorrect beliefs, she stopped smoking very easily with our Colchester hypnotherapist. It could so easily have gone wrong, though. Lesson learned.


Before seeing our Colchester hypnotherapist, you might like to read the free sample pages on our website.
Here’s a very small taster:

I’m not ready

No, I don’t suppose you are, because let’s face it if you were you would stop and you wouldn’t be reading this, so the fact that you are reading it means pretty well by definition that you’re not ready.

But what does not ready actually mean? I’m not ready to go to the dentist, but I go. Why? Well, because I have to. Why aren’t I ready? Because I’m afraid (I admit it, I’m a coward). I’m not ready, when you stop to think about it, is just plain silly. It really means I’m afraid to do it. It can’t mean anything else. I’m not ready to save £2000 a year and improve my health. Oh really? Well, that’s easy to understand. I would also have to steel myself to do that.

No-one is ready to do something that’s hard. You’re not ready to stop smoking for the simple reason that you are afraid to face it. You can try arguing with me but you will be wrong, so save your breath. Admit you are afraid, admit it is making you say silly things, and pull yourself together.


If you don’t need our Colchester hypnotist, but you want to take pharmaceutical products instead, see your GP.. You can also visit the North Colchester Healthcare Centre website here.