Northampton hypnotist


Includes a follow-up phone consultation, a  free second hypnotherapy session* if needed,
and three years of support to help you to stay stopped.


“The telephone support is great. Thank you.”
JB, Daventry ♥♥♥♥

“I stopped before just reading a book about it, so I knew the hypnosis would work, and it did.” TS, Northampton  ♥♥♥♥♥

“I had always believed I enjoy smoking, but now I’ve stopped I can see that wasn’t true.”  DD, Northampton  ♥♥♥♥

Our Northampton hypnotherapist is David Lane, who also sees our Daventry hypnosis clients at present.


Directions to our Northampton Hypnotherapy branch

Capell Cottage, 14 Church Street, , Nether Heyford NN7 3LH - Phone: 01200 40 50 22

Updates: Our Northampton Hypnosis Branch

29/03/2019. For the next few weeks our Northampton hypnotist is seeing most of our Daventry hypnosis clients.

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Before you decide to see our Northampton hypnotist you should be quite sure that this is the right therapy for you. You may know someone who stopped smoking with hypnotherapy, which is good. But that does not necessarily mean it’s right for you. Don’t get us wrong – it probably is. We’re just saying it’s not the right way to make this decision.

Of course, if you’ve stopped before with hypnotherapy, then that definitely does mean you should have it again. You should think about why you started smoking again, but at this point we could usefully remind you of our three years of support. Use it wisely and it can make all the difference.

As it happens, we also provide acupuncture in Northampton. If you’re not sure how this works, do click on the link towards the top of this page. Having said that, if you feel you are ready to make an appointment with our Northampton hypnotist, then by all means go ahead.




We want you to get the very best from your session at our Northampton hypnotherapy branch. Follow these simple tips and you will be helping us to help you.

1. Before you come, read about how hypnotherapy works here

2. Again, before you come, watch the videos here. You don’t have to watch all of them. Just pick those that interest you the most.

3. At the session, make sure you ask our Northampton hypnotist anything at all. Don’t hold back – they need to know what you need to know.

4. The day after the session, call the NSSC AfterCare helpdesk, on 01200 40 50 22. Their job is to ensure that everything is working well. If it is, that’s great. If it isn’t, they will help you to fix it.

5. Avoid tomatoes, and any food containing tomato. If you don’t know why, our hypnotist will explain.


From our Northampton hypnotherapy branch

Max had never seriously tried to stop in all the twenty-seven years he had been smoking. Like many smokers, he had made half-hearted attempts, but he himself admitted that is all they were. He said he wanted to book up with our Northampton hypnotist, which was a good start. When we asked him about his history of trying to stop, though, we learned that he didn’t have one. So how did he know he needed help?

It interests us that some people assume they need help to stop smoking when they haven’t actually tried. Is there a general belief that stopping is something you can’t do on your own? We had no objection to Max talking with our hypnotist on the phone, but our advice to him was to see if he could stop smoking before he considered spending money on it. Max, though, would have none of it. He insisted we offer him an appointment. So why was he so determined that he needed hypnotherapy? Why wouldn’t he at least have a go?

The answer was that because he had convinced himself that he couldn’t do it. That was probably largely why he had always failed. Ideally, we should have liked him to watch our videos, and with some new understanding perhaps he would have succeeded. Well, he was happy to do that, but he didn’t believe it would replace hypnosis. We suspected he thought our hypnotist was going to put him to sleep and then he would wake up as if he had never smoked. He wanted it to be that easy, that someone else would do it for him. Do we blame people for wanting that? Who wouldn’t, for example, like to go to sleep, then wake up to find their dentist had done it all while they were out?

To cut a long story short, Max came to our Northampton hypnosis branch, and he stopped smoking very easily. Naturally enough, this convinced him that he had been right all along!


You might not be looking for a Northampton hypnosis service. Visit the Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes LPC website here.

  • Within three months of your hypnotherapy session.


We are looking for therapists to see our hypnosis clients as cover in the event of sickness and holidays. If you believe you can match our very high standards, please email our Partnership Services Secretary:

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