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Fee: £105

Almost all clients stop in a single session, although we offer a free follow-up within three months if it is helpful. Our Hartlepool hypnotherapist has bookings six days a week, and you can also be seen in the evening.



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Smoking reduction that works

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Our hypnotist in Hartlepool is Pauline Kewley. If you would like to speak with Pauine, call us on 01200 40 50 22.


Directions to our Hartlepool Hypnotherapy branch

127 Spalding Road, Hartlepool TS25 2JP - Phone: 01200 40 50 22
  • National Stop Smoking Centres Hartlepool Branch

Updates: Our Hartlepool Hypnotherapy Branch

15.05.2018: As shown above, our fee here is now £105. This is a small increase on our previous fee, but for smokers wanting to see our Hartlepool hypnotist this is still our regional low-cost hypnotherapy branch.
01.06.2018. For the next two weeks, our Middlesbrough hypnotherapy clients are being offered appointments here at our Hartlepoool hypnosis branch.

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From our Hartlepool hypnotherapy branch

It’s not often our Hartlepool hypnotherapist sees young smokers. So when Justin called us we were pleased to hear from him. Justin was twenty three, and had only been smoking since he was seventeen, so he had one advantage over long-term smokers. But youngsters also have a disadvantage. Most of them have a large social circle, and the incidence of smoking in that age group is high. As well as that, young smokers tend to mix socially with other smokers. It goes together with drinking, which is another issue for young people.

Our Hartlepool hypnotherapist is really good with young people, and Justin took to her straight away when they talked on the phone. Every potential client has a chance to get to know the hypnotist before making up their mind. We find this helps when they come for their hypnosis session, because they are meeting someone who isn’t a complete stranger.

Justin and Pauline got on well right from the start. It was a very good session, and Pauline could see that Justin had good motivation. She couldn’t tell yet how he was going to get on out in the real world, with friends who smoked, but he was a bright lad and seemed to know what he wanted. That kind of client does especially well, and is a pleasure to work with.

Justin’s first mistake was the evening after his session with our Hartlepool hypnotist. He had arranged to meet some friends for a night out, and because he didn’t inform Pauline of this the latter didn’t advise him not to. We think that it’s common sense to give yourself the best chance possible by staying away from other smokers. And yet we do need to tell clients this. We shouldn’t need to, but we do. To cut a long story short, Justin drank a lot and by the end of the evening had smoked four cigarettes. 

After clients have been to our Hartlepool hypnotist, this is the biggest single issue our AfterCare team have to deal with. It’s the biggest single reason people start smoking again. Like Justin, they smoke the first one for a silly reason. The first one doesn’t taste good, or like normal, so they try again. Then they just believe they have started smoking again. And Justin compounded his three errors by not doing the one thing our Hartlepool hypnotist told him he must do. He was to call the AfterCare service if he made a mistake. Was it a lack of maturity on Justin’s part? Perhaps, but then we find a lot of clients make this mistake, so perhaps it’s just that smokers believe in failure.

We explained to Justin the mistakes he had made, and he accepted what we said. We brought him back to see our Hartlepool hypnotherapist for a follow-up session and as far as we know he didn’t repeat his errors after that.


Here is a small taster from the book. If you are going to come to our Hartlepool hypnosis branch, it’s a good idea to read the free sample pages first.

Is smoking as enjoyable as you think it is?

This is a pretty crucial question, isn’t it? If you have convinced yourself that any risk involved in smoking is outweighed by the benefit, by which you mean enjoyment, and you discover that there isn’t any enjoyment, that is going to drive a coach and horses through your justification for smoking.

Aha, but you know there is enjoyment. OK, maybe not all the time, but you know there are some cigarettes you really enjoy, and they would be hard to give up.

Some cigarettes? Just a minute. Surely if a cigarette is nice, well, aren’t two cigarettes twice as nice? If a cigarette is a pleasure, then every cigarette must be a pleasure. If it’s a pleasure one minute, how can it possibly not be a pleasure the next? Come on now, either it’s good or it isn’t. So why do people enjoy smoking some times more than others? It’s a good question. No, it’s a vital question. And it will not surprise you that I am going to answer it, in some detail.

Which cigarettes do you enjoy the most? No, don’t tell me, let me guess. First thing in the morning? After a meal? After work? When you get out of the cinema? I could go on. Have you noticed, though, that these situations all have something in common? They are all after a period of abstinence. In other words, the longer it is since you smoked, the more enjoyable it is to smoke. It’s not unreasonable, when you think about it. When is it most enjoyable to eat? When you’re hungry. When is it most enjoyable to drink? When you’re thirsty. When is it most enjoyable to rest? When you’re tired.


When you enquire about hypnotherapy we will discuss whether it’s what you need. If it is, we will have our Hartlepool hypnotist phone you, because you will still want to see if you like them. Hypnotherapy is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will also depend on your relationship with the hypnotherapist you see.


Hartlepool hypnosis might not be what you’re looking for. If it isn’t, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS North Tees and Hartlepool website here.

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