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Fee: £155

We find most smokers stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our York hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.


Fee £195

The fee here is inclusive of three treatments. Many patients stop after just two, but it’s a good idea to have the third one anyway. If you really don’t need it, we can hold it in abeyance in case you come back with a problem.



We hope to bring AM to York by the end of 2017.


Our hypnotist in York is Verena Groom-White.

“Excellent service. Highly recommend it.!” BI, Lonsdale


Our acupuncturist in York is Tiziana Bertinotti.

“Wonderful, very friendly, professional, supportive. Fantastic. 10/10.” CC. York

“Very professional and effective treatment. Highly recommended.” AG, York

“Tiziana was really understanding of my situation, offered good advice, and made me feel relaxed and confident about the treatment. Very good therapist.”. CS, Pocklington

“She was very helpful and clear in her explanation of what she was going to do. Gave some really helpful tips.” JL, Huntington


When you have seen our York hypnotherapist or acupuncturist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling..

York Hypnotherapy AfterCare

Our specialist telephone support team will be looking after you for three years. And if you need another session, though, you are welcome to come back to see our York hypnotist again.

York Acupuncture AfterCare

You will be getting three years of counselling and support with this. In addition to the long-term support, we like to talk with you after the first treatment. This is to assess your progress and to give our York acupuncturist feedback to prepare her for your second treatment.


Directions to our York Hypnotherapy branch

Address: 69 Station Road, Upper Poppleton, York, YO26 6PZ

Directions to our York Acupuncture branch

Address: 2 Millers Yard, Gillygate, York, YO31 7EB

NSSC York hypnosis branch

NSSC York acupuncture branch



To book with our York hypnotist or acupuncturist, or just to ask for our advice, click this button 


Sometimes, people come to us not to stop smoking but for smoking reduction. It’s a choice they make, and we publish a book on reduction. ‘No, You Don’t Have to Stop Smoking’ will be of interest even if you want to stop. Take a look at it before you visit our York hypnosis or acupuncture branch. Here is a taster.

….. Now when you are trying to stop smoking the habit is immaterial. Anyone can change their habits, but in the case of smoking the habit is underpinned by your addiction to nicotine. You are addicted, so you are a smoker, and because you are a smoker you develop a smoking pattern, or habit. Some nicotine addicts will develop a five-a-day pattern, some will develop a ten-a-day pattern, or 20-a-day, and so on. This pattern, or habit, has nothing whatever to do with addiction. Remember, it is addiction that makes you smoke AT ALL; how many you smoke is not to satisfy the addictive craving, because, and this is important, the addictive craving requires you to smoke only about four or five times a day. Anything over this number has nothing to do with addiction.

So the big problem when you are trying to stop smoking, the addiction, becomes meaningless when all you are doing is cutting down, because you are not going to break the addiction. You are not going to cross the addiction threshold. If you smoke, say 20 a day, five of those are cigarettes you need to maintain the addiction (to prevent withdrawal symptoms), the other fifteen are just habitual – they simply aren’t needed. You smoke them for no other reason than that they are there and they are there, remember, because you are addicted and need them there. So the addiction is feeding the habit. When you stop smoking, you control the addiction and the habit disappears on its own, with no help from you or anyone else.


From our York hypnotherapy branch

Margaret was an unusual case. Most smokers will do well with either hypnotherapy or acupuncture. Although we look at each client’s smoking issues to decide which therapy to recommend, either will help almost anyone to stop smoking, Because Margaret had not seriously tried to stop before, we recommended hypnotherapy. 

She happily accepted our advice, and came to see our York hypnotist. We like to speak with clients the day after their therapy, and when we spoke with Margaret we could see a clearer picture than before. She said she enjoyed the experience, felt relaxed with our York hypnotherapist, and felt she had stopped smoking by the time she got home. However, this feeling of euphoria can sometimes be misleading.

The purpose of hypnotherapy is to persuade your brain that the withdrawal symptoms you would normally have when you stop smoking aren’t happening. It’s really good at this. Nonetheless, they ARE happening. The point of the therapy is that you don’t notice them. In Margaret’s case, they were felt, just enough to persuade her to smoke. She regretted it, but having smoked one she smoked another. We were almost there but she needed more.

Margaret wanted to see our York hypnotherapist again, and this seemed like a good idea. However, we felt we should discuss another option with her. We felt that a session of acupuncture would overcome the problem. We explained our thinking to Margaret, and she agreed, because she knew she was succeeding, and making the right decision was critical to her success. She considered the small cost of the extra treatment well worthwhile, and came to see our York acupuncturist a couple of days later.

Margaret, and we, thought she would need to see our hypnotherapist again, but after the acupuncture she didn’t. Cases like this are rare, but having both hypnotherapists and acupuncturists means we can give each client exactly what they need. Sometimes we can’t know what they need until after we have started, but that doesn’t matter. Our York acupuncture and hypnotherapy branches have not had to work in tandem like this since Margaret, but it was a good experience for us and a happy one for her.

Why we have a York acupuncture branch

Acupuncture is perhaps the least known therapy for stopping smoking. Most acupuncturists don’t specialise in smoking cessation because they don’t have the time. 

When an acupuncturist takes an interest in smoking cessation they learn, perhaps to their surprise, that they have a resource that is of tremendous help to a lot of people. It can take months to help a patient with back problems, but it can take a fortnight, or even less, to help a patient stop smoking. This is why those acupuncturists who do take this therapy on are so enthusiastic about it. It is, for example, certainly why our York acupuncturist is.

But why do we provide acupuncture, when we have a York hypnotherapy branch? If hypnotherapy is so successful, which is it, why would any smoker need acupuncture? Because not all smokers are the same. The two therapies work in different ways, and what suits one smoker may not suit another. Here at National Stop Smoking Centres we will provide ANY therapy that can help smokers. It’s why we’re here. We have a national network of over two hundred hypnotists, and a much smaller network of acupuncturists. We assess every smoker who calls us to establish which is the best therapy for their needs. Once we’ve done that, because we have a York acupuncture and hypnotherapy branch we can provide what is best for each client.

And finally, some smokers call us and ask to see our York acupuncturist because they know someone, a friend or a relative, or a colleague perhaps, who stopped smoking with acupuncture and they know that’s what they want.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when they arrange hypnotherapy or acupuncture to stop smoking is to think that making that appointment is all they have to do. In fact that’s the easy bit. There are three stages to this. There’s preparing, the session itself, and finally there’s what you need to do afterwards. We’re going to talk first about preparation for stopping.

Preparing for stopping smoking

Whether you’re coming to our York acupuncture or hypnosis branch, once you’ve made your appointment watch the videos here. There are six of them, so you might not want to watch them all. Most people do, but you might want to pick out those that seem the most relevant.

York Acupuncture

Before you come along for your first treatment, there is just one other thing you should do. You are coming for a course of three acupuncture treatments. Think about why this is. It’s because stopping smoking with acupuncture is a gradual process. So don’t expect to stop after the first treatment. Our York acupuncturist will arrange your second treatment a few days or a week after, and this is when you should expect to stop. Having said that, many patients do stop after the first one. Just don’t think in those terms.

York Hypnotherapy

As detailed above, you will be having a single session with our York hypnotist. This is because most clients find this is enough. Unlike acupuncture, hypnotherapy is a quick process. The biggest single reason clients do sometimes need to come back is not because they haven’t stopped, but because they slip up and smoke again. So what you should do at this stage is decide that you are going to keep in touch with us immediately after your hypnotherapy. We will then decide if you need more help.

Your smoking cessation consultation

If you arrive for your session having prepared properly, you’ve made a good start. And you have made it easier for our York acupuncturist or hypnotherapist to help you. Now let’s look at what happens at our York branch, and your involvement in the process.

York Acupuncture

What happens now depends to some extent on how many cigarettes you smoke. Our York acupuncturist will take a case history, because she needs to know what help you need. You are going to find the treatment relaxing, and when you leave you will know something has changed. Don’t, though, worry if you do smoke a little, because as we said acupuncture is a staged process.

York Hypnotherapy

Before you attend for your session you should have decided that this is the day you are going to stop smoking. That doesn’t mean putting yourself under presure; it means feeling positive. Our York hypnotist will have a chat with you about your smoking, and as you relax with them you will gradually go into a state of hypnosis. You will NOT be asleep, so don’t be surprised that you can hear everything the hypnotist is saying. That, after all, is what you would expect, isn’t it?

After your acupuncture or hypnotherapy

These therapies work very differently, so do take note of what we say here. The time following smoking cessation therapy is when problems might occur. But because we are so well set up to support you this is when you are going to have an advantage you have never had before.

York Acupuncture

Remember, the first treatment is not normally when we expect you to stop smoking completely. We do expect, though, that you will immediately cut down greatly. Now, we want to speak with you to see how you got on with our acupuncturist, and what progress you have made so far. We will now do two things. We will give you some tips for preparing for your second treatment. And we will give our York acupuncturist feedback so she knows what help you are going to need then.

After your second acupuncture treatment, do call us again so we can see what else we need to do. In most cases there isn’t anything, but we want to be sure. And remember, your third, final acupuncture treatment is NOT the end of what we do. Feel free to call us for any advice or help in the long term.

York Hypnotherapy

Most people have stopped after the session with our York hypnotherapist, but that’s not the end of this. There can be all sorts of issues we can help with, so don’t hesitate to call us. We’re very good at aftercare, which is why we provide it for such a long time. And if you get it wrong this time, do not worry. It happens. The difference between smoking cessation failure and success can be as little as a phone call.


When you enquire about acupuncture we will discuss whether it’s what you need. If it is, we will have our York acupuncturist phone you, because you will still want to see if you like her. Acupuncture is great, which is why we provide it, but your success will also depend on your relationship with the hypnotherapist you see.

– or hypnotherapist, as appropriate..


If you’re not looking for a York hypnotist or acupuncturist, and you want to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS York Teaching Hospital website here.