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Chertsey hypnotherapy

Our Chertsey Hypnotherapy Service

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Fee: £195

Most clients succeed in just one session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Chertsey hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Friday.



Not provided here at the present time. The nearest service for this is our Woking acupuncture branch.



We hope to bring AM to Surrey by the end of 2017.


Our hypnotist in Chertsey is Jacqui Maclean. Jacqui also sees clients in our Bognor hypnotherapy branch.


When you have seen our Chertsey hypnotherapist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling.

Chertsey Hypnotherapy AfterCare

You are going to have a full three years of support with our telephone counselling service. We are very experienced, and we never judge, so whatever happens don’t hesitate to call us. And if you need a follow-up session with our Chertsey hypnotist, this is available.

Directions to our Chertsey Hypnotherapy branch

Address: The River Bourne Health Club, Heriot Way, Chertsey, KT16 9DR

NSSC Chertsey hypnosis branch


Bookings: week starting 19th March.
Our Chertsey hypnosis service can offer slots this week on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning or afternoon, and Friday morning..

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Hypnotherapy Acupuncture

To book for any therapy, or just to ask for our advice, click this button 


From our Chertsey hypnotherapy branch

Maria was in her mid-forties, and had never tried to stop smoking. This is really quite uncommon. The median age for our clients is, like Maria, mid-forties, and they have almost always tried to stop before coming to us. In fact almost by definition people try drug products before coming to therapy. It is as if those products are the default choice. This is perhaps for no better reason than the pharmaceutical companies, though the NHS, advertise so heavily. Everyone knows you can go to their GP for such products.

So the question we asked, which we always do, was why Maria was thinking of coming to our Chertsey hypnotherapy service if she hadn’t tried to stop on her own. This is largely because we don’t want people to spend money on therapy if they perhaps don’t need to. We are part of a non-profit medical foundation, and we don’t have the same commercial interests as, say, independent therapists. There is another reason, though. If you can stop smoking on your own, you should do so. There is a greater sense of achievement doing this than paying for help. And even though the NHS smoking cessation service is ‘free’, the same applies. If someone has done something to help you when you didn’t actually need help, you are less likely to value the achievement. And that might mean you are more likely to start smoking again.

Having said all of that, we would never turn away anyone who is in the same position as Maria. This is partly because we don’t make judgments about people. There may be an underlying reason why a smoker looks for help as a first step, which we can’t know about. So we booked Maria in to see our Chertsey hypnotist, and she stopped smoking after just one session.

So could she have done it one her own? We cannot know that, and frankly it’s none of our business. We advised her to think about doing it on her own, but we didn’t put it any more strongly than that. Had she had money worries we would have tried harder, but money was not the issue for her. She could comfortably afford to smoke, and she could afford to pay for our help. As it turned out, our hypnotist in Chertsey felt there were a number of other issues that Maria needed help with. These issues might well have impacted on her stopping smoking, and for this reason it was very probably a good thing that she had sought professional help.

There is a limit to how deeply we will go into a client’s psychological issues, but on the other hand they cannot be ignored. We have heard stories of hypnotists who have wanted to go into a client’s relationship with their father, but thankfully they are rare. Such issues do not impact on smoking cessation, or at least very rarely. Hypnotists do see such cases, of course, but quite separately from smoking cessation. As it happens, Maria was so happy with the outcome on this occasion that she booked in with our Chertsey hypnotherapist for help with other issues.


Here’s a snippet from the book. There are lots of pages you can read for free. We suggest you do this before you come to our Chertsey hypnosis service.

….. People always say take a deep breath when you’re stressed, don’t they? But you can’t take a really deep breath unless you use the bellows, your diaphragm, to expand and contract your lungs properly.

This is how you learn to do it. Take a book (preferably not this one, unless you’ve got a good memory), lie down, and put the book on your belly.

As you breathe in, make the book rise. No, it doesn’t seem natural, but in fact it is. How do we know? Look at a small baby breathing in its sleep. Look at a cat or dog sleeping. They all do it. It’s something we grow out of because we’re so clever.

As you breathe out make the book go down. Once you’ve got the hang of it do it several times. Learn what it feels like to breathe correctly. Then, you can try it standing up, and you should repeat the exercise for a minute at a time several times a day.

I regularly hold my breath in for sixty seconds, and I’ve been tested while I do that and my pulse rate drops dramatically. Now, whenever you feel stressed, you can switch on this wonderful technique and switch off your stress reaction. It won’t pay the gas bill, but it will make you feel better about not being able to pay it. Use it at night especially if you can’t get to sleep.


Therapy might not be what you’re looking for. If it isn’t, and you want to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the Healthy Surrey website here.