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Haslemere hypnotherapy


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Fee: £185

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Haslemere hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.



Not provided here at the present time. Your nearest NSSC service is our Guildford acupuncture branch.



We hope to bring AM to Surrey by the end of 2017.


Our hypnotist in Haslemere is Robert Morley. To speak with Robert, just call our national number or complete the contact form.

“Richard was great to talk to. Made me feel comfortable – plus he helped me to stop smoking!” SN, Haslemere


When you have seen our Haslemere hypnotherapist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling.

Haslemere Hypnotherapy AfterCare

You will have three years of counselling support. And if you need more help from our Haslemere hypnotist, we’ll invite you back for another session.

Directions to our Haslemere Hypnotherapy branch

Address: Longdene Lodge, Longdene Road, Haslemere, GU27 2QB.

NSSC Haslemere hypnosis branch


Appointments: the week from 5th February
Our Haslemere hypnosis service can offer slots this week on Tuesday morning, Thursday morning or afternoon, and Friday morning..

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Hypnotherapy Acupuncture

To book for any therapy, or just to ask for our advice, click this button 


From our Haslemere hypnotherapy branch

Ann rang, like everyone does, to ask about stopping smoking. But there was doubt in her voice, and it’s our job to pick up on that and address it. She was asking about hypnosis, but she seemed just a little too eager to go ahead without really understanding what it does. Is it necessary for clients to understand hypnotherapy if they are having it? Yes and no. No, if they really don’t want too, but then we need to ask why they don’t. Everyone should be involved in their therapy. It’s not something our Haslemere hypnotherapist does to clients, it’s something client and therapist work through together.

Most hypnotists will reject a client who doesn’t show complete motivation to stop smoking. We don’t do that. We know that every smoker has doubts. Ann wanted to but she also didn’t want to. Every smoker has the same conflict. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be smoking. Ann needed to stop, for health reasons, quite urgent ones, and on one level she also wanted to. But like all smokers she was afraid to. It’s too long a story to go into here, but it’s this conflict that keeps people smoking. It’s created by the addiction to nicotine, and that in turn creates this psychological dependence. This is what our hypnotist in Haslemere works so successfully on.

The reason Ann contacted National Stop Smoking Centres was that she had seen on our website that we do something no-one else does. We give clients not just one option but two. We know that because of the fear of stopping so many smokers are in conflict. This conflict does something really bad. It stops people trying to stop. This is where independent hypnotherapists in Haslemere have a problem, because very often local smokers aren’t even asking them for help. What attracted Ann was our second option, which is smoking reduction. This means taking control of your smoking (in this case with hypnotherapy), but retaining the option to smoke occasionally.

Does this mean we encourage people not to stop smoking? Absolutely not. Our work in smoking cessation has always been about choice. We don’t ever tell people they can’t smoke. What we do is use hypnotherapy or acupuncture (or sometimes Addiction Management) to give them a choice. Almost everyone chooses not to smoke because of our therapy, but very occasionally a client will choose to choose instead.

What happened in Ann’s case was that she saw smoking reduction with our Haslemere hypnotist as a way of removing the fear of stopping. As it happened, she did stop. She hadn’t meant to but she did. So by denying what she wanted she got what she wanted in the end.


Here’s a snippet from the book. There are lots of pages you can read for free. We suggest you do this before coming to our Haslemere hypnosis branch.

….. What we have done so far is establish that being a light smoker is better than being a heavy smoker. So, worst case, you don’t stop, I want you to make a promise now, to yourself, not to me, that you will, if all else fails, become a light smoker. Look, I know it’s not what you want but we have a quaint saying in the Institute that goes like this:

If you can’t control how many you smoke, how are you going to control whether you smoke?

So now you are going to look at controlling when you smoke as a prelude, let’s say preparation, for stopping. You are going to learn to control when you smoke so that you are better prepared for controlling whether you smoke. Because control is, after all, what it’s about, isn’t it? No, I know you don’t want to do it, but humour me, because funnily enough I do know what I’m doing here. Anyway, what have you got to lose?

The first stage is to learn more about your smoking, and this means keeping a diary. It’s easy to do, and actually it’s hugely informative, and I think you will enjoy it and even if you don’t life isn’t supposed to be endless fun, you know, so just do it anyway.

Every time you smoke a cigarette, make an entry in the diary. Printed here is a diary for one day, but some people like to do both a workday and a weekend day which is probably a good idea, and some people like to do it for a whole week because they’re masochists but that’s their business, but either way just copy it out onto a sheet of paper, which I expect you had thought of already, and you can do as many days as you like.


Therapy might not be what you’re looking for. If it isn’t, and you want to take pharmaceutical products to stop smoking, we suggest you see your GP.. You can also visit the NHS Smokefree website here.