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Basildon hypnotherapy


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Fee: £165

Most clients stop in a single session, but a free follow-up is provided within three months in the event that you have a problem. Our Basildon hypnotherapist has bookings from Monday to Saturday, and you can also be seen in the evening.



Your nearest service at present is our Chelmsford acupuncture branch. We hope, though, to have a Southend acupuncture branch soon.



We hope to bring AM to Essex by the end of 2017.


Our hypnotist in Basildon is Claire Ivey. Claire will be happy to answer any questions you have before making a booking.


When you have seen our Basildon hypnotherapist we will enrol you in our NSSC AfterCare programme. The support that comes with each therapy is different, although in each case it provides access to our unlimited help by telephone counselling..

Basildon Hypnotherapy AfterCare

This gives three years of support. We strongly advise you to call the helpdesk the day after your session. We will talk through how the session went, how you feel right now, and what, if anything, else we need to do.

Directions to our Basildon Hypnotherapy branch

This branch is actually located in Wickford. Address: 1 Erskine Place, Wickford, SS12 9FD

NSSC Basildon Hypnotherapy Branch



Here are some of our other local branches. Click on any for the full details.

To book for any therapy, or just to ask for our advice, click this button 


Before you decide to see our Basildon hypnotist you should be quite sure that this is the right therapy for you. You may know someone who stopped smoking with hypnotherapy, which is good. But that does not necessarily mean it’s right for you. Don’t get us wrong – it probably is. We’re just saying it’s not the right way to make this decision.

Of course, if you’ve stopped before with hypnotherapy, then that definitely does mean you should have it again. You should think about why you started smoking again, but at this point we could usefully remind you of our three years of support. Use it wisely and it can make all the difference.

We don’t yet provide acupuncture in Basildon, but take a look at our other nearby branches that do. If you’re not sure how this works, you can click on the link towards the top of this page. Having said that, if you feel you are ready to make an appointment with our Basildon hypnotist, then by all means go ahead.

If you’re still not sure, once you have read the information we provide about both therapies, then why not give us a call? We’re here to help, and making sure you get the right help matters to us, so you can be sure we will give you good advice. Our Basildon stop smoking service is based on getting it right from the very start.


A lot of smokers who call us about our Basildon hypnotist want to know about the success rate. We give everyone the same answer, which is that we can’t say. This doesn’t mean we don’t know, it means we’re not allowed to say. As a medical foundation, we have strict ethical rules, and one of these is that we don’t make claims we can’t prove. In fact no therapist should.

We give potential clients an answer which we believe is more helpful. This is that, first of all, we provide therapy, and therapy is always more successful than the drug products the NHS uses. And then we explain the three things the smoker can do to make it work.

  1. Choose the therapy that is right for you. Not for other people, for you. This means thinking about why you have a problem with stopping smoking and choosing the therapy that solves those issues. Too many smokers, for example, use nicotine replacement products not because they solve the problems they have but because they are just there. That’s not clever.
  2. Find a qualified, experienced, ethical therapist. Well, you’re here, so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.
  3. Demand post-therapy support. Independent therapists do often provide this, but they have two problems. One is that they are not always available, because they are seeing clients. We have a dedicated AfterCare service. The other is that they are not specialists. We are. We only do smoking cessation, which makes us more knowledgeable than any therapist you will ever see.

If you are thinking of booking with our Basildon hypnotherapist, read about how it works on the page we have on this site. Then call us or complete the contact page. We will talk through your stop-smoking issues and advise on the correct therapy for you. We will answer any questions you have. And then, when you’re ready, we will have our Basildon hypnotist call you. Get to know them, ask them in detail about how they work. Then, if you are ready, they can offer you an appointment, usually within days.