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This is the treatment you will need if you absolutely have to stop smoking, now, and nothing else works for you. If you have a medical imperative to stop, or you are pregnant, or there is any other urgent reason to stop, this is the treatment for you.

At £240, it’s not our cheapest therapy option, but we have set a fee that works for us and we hope works for you.

Addiction Management is at present the only medical therapy for addiction to nicotine, and is in fact exactly the same as the treatment for alcohol addiction provided by our colleagues in Addiction Management Centres, which like us is part of The Doctor Richard Mackarness Foundation.

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Addiction Management is a technique we use to give you immediate and complete control over your need for nicotine. If you don’t have a craving, it is actually quite easy then to stop smoking. Please note it does NOT involve taking nicotine. We do not believe taking nicotine is a way to control the addiction to it.

Nicotine contains two important elements that control the addiction you have to it. One is called the Positive Factor, and this element satisfies the craving. The other is called the Negative Factor, and this does the opposite – it creates the craving for the next cigarette.

What we are now able to do is to isolate the Positive Factor, and give it to you as mouthdrops. Taking a single drop of Positive Factor satisfies the craving, and what that does is switch off the need to smoke. So far so good, but is the Positive Factor just like smoking?

Absolutely not. Because the Negative Factor has been removed, the drop can ONLY satisfy the craving, it CANNOT create more craving. So instead of lighting a cigarette you take a drop and it feels like you’ve smoked – but you haven’t. You’re not feeding the addiction. And what happens to addiction if you don’t feed it, as you probably know, is that it dies.

The factor that will satisfy the craving varies from one smoker to another, depending on certain genetically-inherited factors in your immune system. For this reason, Nicotine Factors have to be made up for each client, according to the results of a test the nurse will carry out. You will receive your supply of Nicotine Factor.before you leave the Addiction Management Centre, and the nurse will show you how and when to take it. That is the point at which your need to smoke comes under your control.




Addiction Management is a powerful tool, but we do not claim it is going to solve every problem you have ever had with stopping smoking, and staying stopped. The tool (by which we mean your Nicotine Factor, of course) is always going to work. But you know as well as we do that there is a psychological component to your smoking. Because we have unparalleled experience in our specialised field, we are able to provide the support you need, when you need it, to resolve ANY problem that might arise.

It’s called NSSC AfterCare, and it’s a free service for you to use for as long as you want it.





Just click on the button below. We will call you to check that we are prepared to offer Addiction Management to you. Then we can talk about which is your nearest Centre and when we can see you.


The fee varies around the country, so click here for the details of your local branch. The number of treatments we provide also varies, but we find three treatments are enough for most patients. If you do need more than the number quoted, this will be provided at reduced cost.


Most patients do want to stop smoking, but we can also use acupuncture to give you the freedom to decide not to smoke at all or to smoke occasionally. If the idea of stopping does not appeal to you right now, but being a social smoker does, we can make that happen as well.